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You all know how I looooooove feeding Caleb when it’s my turn, during the night / wee hours of the morning; and how I looooooove exacting revenge on his bullying antics to his Daddee!

And you all know how I am resisting comparing my two kids and their respective “achievements”.


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For the past few nights; enough nights to make me forget exactly how many, my two kids wake in the middle of the night, a few times.

One cries, the other cries out; sometimes one starts the other going.

One would be because he’s sleeping on his arm. Or he is due for a change. Or he is due for his milkies. Or just because. I can’t say it is because he had bad dreams- what would 7 month old babies dream about? Maybe they do dream about whatever they did during that day. In Caleb’s case, it could be Yuck, my toes don’t taste as good as they look, or do they? Lemme try again. My toes don’t taste as good as they look, or do they? Lemme try again…; Daddee’s screen savor seems to catch my eye all the time that I can’t seem to look away; Daddee’s going *peekaboo* making me giggle- I don’t know why I giggle at something so silly; Mummee’s baby talk making absolutely no sense..

But he’s started crying in the middle of the night way before he turned 7 months old.

The other would cry out audible exclamations. Last night it particular, it was “NO NO NO NO NO NO…….” as if to exclaim no that can’t be it isn’t true, or please don’t take it away type of exclamation. The other night she was just crying. For no reason. She looked like she was semi-awake, sobbing with a defiant hint of I don’t want. It took a while to calm her down. Or, she’d wake me with “Daddee, I need to go shee-shee (pee)”- (Daddee is diligent with washing her- the whole works of taking her pj-pants off, carrying her to the tap, toweling her off, etc. But then realised recently that he’s not exactly done an excellent job at it)

I also just realised / remembered something recently. Caitlin likes being comforted by being patted on her chest (less these days since toddlerhood), Caleb- patted on his back. Which also means that both kids slept differently: One on the back, the other on the tummy.

But where’s all this going?

Daddee is still lacking sleep….

Just sharing an old photo of Caitlin, with cleavage that would make Hot Mummee jealous!

Caitlin's cleavage!

This week, actually for the past 3 weeks, Hot Mummee took it upon herself to craft her company’s business plan.

Apparently the company has never had one. In hearing her describe the sections that are to go in, it sounded more like an extended version of a company profile than a business plan; a 12 inch, very extended version, like a greatest hits remixed 5 times with new added sampling and the chorus repeated 13 times and the sonnets rewritten to include previous thrown-out works.

Why am I babbling? Because that’s what this business plan feels like. Hot Mummee has chosen to stay at home these 3 weeks, presumably under the pretext of non-interruption, to fully concentrate on getting this done. In my studies and (only 1 time) experience in writing a business plan, I have never come across the extent at which she is doing this for a business plan. She would be researching and scouring the net, looking for related news and industry and market trends, and would be analysing these and inputting them in her plan. This is in fact how a business plan ought to be written- that they should contain market (development) plans, but the extent she is covering this and other sections are, well; I shall reserve my comments.

Also, she would be drafting the document on her laptop, and using my laptop to access the neighbour’s unsecured wifi; sometimes retyping what she found on my laptop into hers simply because my super-duper computer has a far better wifi hardware/reception than hers- cannot copy-paste. Or she’d be referring to the researched numbers, and graphing them into charts…

Oops, babbling again.

So the downside of this is that this Daddee has had to do most of the overnight Caleb-feeding, because Hot Mummee has been slaving over this document until un-God-ly hours.

Which also means that in my spare time, I have been trying to catch up on my sleep.

And little blogging.

No, I am not complaining….

And I am holding her to her words, when she said to me on some not too long ago squinty-eyed woke me outta my sleep night, “Sorry dear, I will make it up to you when this is all over….”

Heh heh.

In other news (and I guess as a result?) I spotted Caleb sprouting an upper tooth already! But what gets us is this: Both the bottom two teeth are crooked, like they form a “v”, and now the first upper tooth looks like it is also coming out the same way.

Why? With my little knowledge of orthodontics or teeth knowledge, I would think teeth grew crooked because of overcrowding. That these being the first teeth and growing crooked already baffles everyone at home.

Also, the little man is already standing holding himself up on the cot’s railings. It won’t be long now before he is let loose on the walker!

Well, it’s been two nights in a row now that Caleb’s slept through the whole night without waking. Well, almost.

He knocked off around 9:30pm or 10pm, and didn’t wake till about 5:30am-ish.

But that’s good enough for this Daddee and Mummee.

He also feeds less crankily since he’s also had a good rest; but just enough that by the end of 6oz he’s also starting to tire, and did knock off again back to the comfortable bed, full.

But, it’s ONLY been two nights in a row. So let’s hope he keeps this going.

He’s about a week short of 9 months old.

Daddee drifts in and out of sleep at his desk…
Daddee has started developing a headache by mid-morning…

Oh- sorry, did you call me?

An ongoing struggle…
He doesn’t seem to be breaking the habit…
3 nights in a row, he’s woken twice for feeds, and 3 times just because…
Or was it 4 times? It’s all a blur…

No! It was my turn last night; it’s yours now!
?? You sure?? Sigh.. okay then, I will feed this time….

Cry, so we check for wetness..
Cry, so we check for mosquitoes…
Cry, so I guess then he must be hungry… and that means another hour+ before going back to bed…

His older sister started sleeping right through the night at a very early age; for a while we thought he was starting the same pattern too, but alas

But- I know I shouldn’t compare; they are different babies, different people…

I know I sound like a broken record; a scratchy, stylus pushed around broken record….


Only a few days after that last post on how Caleb is starting to sleep through the night, he started (again) to not be so.

Why does he wake? Just because.

Just because I made a little noise.
Just because Caitlin needs to go pee.
Just because I shifted in my bed.
Just because he shifted in his bed.
Just because.

And he wails. Lucky for me HM is the one who wakes to sooth him back to sleep, with some effort too mind you.

So in that time, I am woken, Caitlin is woken. (HM’s work hours are a little flexible in that she doesn’t have to be in the office very early).

And we both suffer from lack of sleep the next day. I can cope with this with drug laced beverages, but feedback from Teacher Rachel is that Caitlin either dozes off in class, or is moody and thus teary I-wanna-go-home.

Thus, we (mainly I) have to decide for both of us what to trade-off in order to bring forward bedtime.

My time surfing the web and catching up on online reading
Caitlin’s Playhouse Disney time
My time reading with Caitlin
Caitlin’s revision or practising Mandarin conversations with me
Daddee’s recent thinking-about hitting the treadmill early in the mornings


Woken by the kids, got them some morning snacks, and since it wasn’t too sunny and hot….

Luckily for everyone, Caleb actually likes to push from behind. But it won’t be long though, before he’d be wanting to ride.

Yes, they were still in their jammies. It’s Sunday okay- give us parents a break!

Evening came and it was time to get ready for bed.

Caleb can express his hunger quite audibly / comprehensibly now, by telling us “nan-nan”.

As you can see he’s quite comfortable on the beanbag. Quite a relief for all of us, since we don’t always have to be watching him when he feeds now.

Caitlin, on the other hand, was being rather cheeky about bedtime. Calls to her to go clean her teeth went unanswered.

We found her like this.

Now that’s one way of getting out of doing something. I gotta try that with Hot Mummee one day….