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No photos please!

Originally posted 2009-06-01 00:36:18. I gotta check the old camera again; I actually think Caitlin took this shot!

Happy New Year!

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Originally posted 2009-01-01 01:29:49. A short post direct from my iPhone I think I’ve mentioned that on year-end festivities, all my siblings and families come back to “headquarters” (my parents’ place) to celebrate. And as the kids have grown, so … Continue reading

Saturday afternoon

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Originally posted 2009-02-21 16:44:24. A quiet indoor activity, just chillin’ after a morning swim before it got so hot outside…


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Originally posted 2009-03-02 20:53:37. It’s not always that we get to eat like kings. But one doesn’t have to be kings to be able to eat like this in mostly all Australian cafes….. Okay okay, this may not be a … Continue reading

Makeshift child proofing the kitchen

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Originally posted 2008-12-13 16:06:57. Here’s today’s short post direct from my iPhone.. “Hands many many” is the (local?) Chinese vernacular for kids who must touch everything they see.. I think we have one (in the making) in our household… See?

Another improvisation

With a lack of toys and an abundance of imagination, Caitlin has had to improvise and make pretend toys to spend (some of) her days. Yes I am a pathetic parent letting my kid endure this. Her “skills” in improvising … Continue reading

He’s got short hair again!

Hot Mummee came home with the kids yesterday evening. She was the one bringing them home from Grandma’s since I opted to head straight home to use the common room’s treadmill (as you know I am always complaining about my … Continue reading