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Caleb fooling around

I gotta check the old camera again; I actually think Caitlin took this shot!

A short post direct from my iPhone

I think I’ve mentioned that on year-end festivities, all my siblings and families come back to “headquarters” (my parents’ place) to celebrate.

And as the kids have grown, so have the kinds of activities they partake. Some are gonna be going overseas entering uni in a few months time. Some have just received their good grades from their PMR major mid-high school life (well done guys). Some are back from 2nd and 3rd year uni already..

My brother took this shot, rightly so, thinking it was kinda amusing…

Happy New Year to all my reader-friends!

Yes, they are all playing against each other!

We have all preferred that they have chosen, on their own free will, to remain home instead of being out with the crowds tonight. Okay maybe they are still young and single!

A quiet indoor activity, just chillin’ after a morning swim before it got so hot outside…

It’s not always that we get to eat like kings.

But one doesn’t have to be kings to be able to eat like this in mostly all Australian cafes…..


Okay okay, this may not be a big deal for some of you guys, but it is for me; cos it’s not always that we get real bacon at home… You could find them in Malaysian supermarkets, but I don’t think I’d be able to get a “complete” meal like this!

And this is only for breakfast :)


Here’s today’s short post direct from my iPhone..

“Hands many many” is the (local?) Chinese vernacular for kids who must touch everything they see..

I think we have one (in the making) in our household… See?

With a lack of toys and an abundance of imagination, Caitlin has had to improvise and make pretend toys to spend (some of) her days. Yes I am a pathetic parent letting my kid endure this.

Her “skills” in improvising seems to have extended into her homework.

See, they are teaching her “long” vowels, like school, food, or, feel, reel, and using a different coloured pencil for these vowels.

You guessed it. In her homework she had decided to first write the letters of the same pencil, and then literally fill in the blanks with the coloured pencil for the vowels.

I guess it gets the job done, I just hope that she will still end up learning the actual word and not finding more efficient ways to complete her writing!

No, I didn’t tell Hot Mummee about this… She may well get Caitlin to redo the whole thing!

Hot Mummee came home with the kids yesterday evening. She was the one bringing them home from Grandma’s since I opted to head straight home to use the common room’s treadmill (as you know I am always complaining about my weight, now I am trying to do something. Trying)

Went downstairs to help “herd” them upstairs, and spotted his again crew cut.

It looks better on him now, now that he’s a little grown, and a lot more cheeky too!

Will come back with some photos!

In the meantime, this photo was taken when the kids were fooling around on the loveseat beanbag… Remind you of a Rolling Stones magazine cover of one of the Jackson sisters? Okay okay I was reminded of it- I am a guy after all okay!

Rolling stones mag cover!