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A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

I couldn’t think of a better description the right description / title for this topic. I will let the event explain where I am coming from.

… I mean, after all, Caitlin’s had the whole week off school because of Hari Raya, and it was already the Saturday night before school reopens. We (I take all the blame as the father) hadn’t really done anything with her or for her in such an opportune time for fun and togetherness.

So since it looked like it’s been a fairly dull week-off for her, after a fairly early dinner on Saturday night I told Hot Mummee that I feel I should bring Caitlin out to do something. Hot Mummee and I had plans to meet up with my brother that night to discuss somethings, and she herself had a business plan to complete, so she suggested I bring Caitlin out for a drive (only, since it was too late for anything else and I had to be home for this meeting) to, maybe, Bintang Walk and “see the lights”…

How boring I thought. But when I got into the car with a very excited Caitlin, I actually didn’t know where else to go. KLCC (Twin Towers) may not be all that far away from my parents house (where we were that weekend) but given it’s a Saturday night, I may actually waste more time looking for a spot in their basement carpark than the actual window shopping / walkabout. I found myself heading towards Bintang Walk and the (boring-but-ok-gimme-an-alternative-then-smart-arse!) “bright lights”.

I come to a traffic light. Stop. Green. Go. Another 200m. Another lights. Stop. Green. Join the crawl. Ooh look- wow man bright lights, woop-dee-doo. Then I saw it. Brightly lit also, to the right of the one-way street Walk. Fringing the new posh Pavillion shopping centre.

Blue background, white bold typeface. “P”, for parking.

Do I bore her with the bright lights “Huh, that’s all you are bringing me out for, Daddee the hero in my eyes?” Or risk being late for the appointment at home but yet meet the expectations of my daughter and maintain the hero standing?

The choice was obvious. After all, I had to maintain my reputation: I am known for my punctuality and keeping to my word on appointments, for I myself would not tolerate my attendees to be late either.

I turned into the carpark.

Inside, father and daughter were running chasing around hee-hee ha-ha, playing and bonding and creating new memories of and with each other being the envy of other pram-pushing parents and yet other solemn-faced parents of butt-crack-exposed multi-coloured hair teenagers.

Oh, how time flew and stood still and in slo-mo at the same time, images of wide grins and a running little girl looking back at you; momentarily forgetting that I still needed to leave soon much to the disappointment of the apple of my eye.

So what is the parenting lesson here?

Never run around a shopping centre with a toddler, even if it is in as grand and as spacious a place as The Pavillion, white marbled flooring lit by high ceiling spotlights with Beverly Hills retailers and halogen bulbs.

Because they puke from running too much. Especially so soon after dinner. Of steamed fish and (a bit of) crab meat.

Caitlin likes to go shopping. Make the slightest inkling that we are going shopping and her adrenalin gets pumping.

Typical female I guess. But at least for now she is not keen on checking out shoes….


However, I gotta be fair. I do like to go check out gadget shops too. When we passed the Machines store (Apple and accessory store) Caitlin actually recognised it. “Daddee you wanna go in there?” I didn’t have to, so we didn’t. Much as I’d like to repeat the ritual of making at least 1 round and probably see the same stuff as the last visit.

Hee hee.

I can’t say this shoppaholic gene runs through the whole family though. The little man was actually already asleep in the car on the way even though his big sister was all the chatterbox that she is (even more of since we were going shopping).


Nice way to spend the public holiday that we had this week, I reckon :)

It’s school holidays next week, and I have kinda made promises of more mini adventures with her…. Only that now I don’t think I can get days off work anymore- looks like this Daddee may have to break some promises, or only do them on weekends and cram the shopping malls and carparks with the rest of the city folk …. Yikes.

It’s the school holidays this week. I had taken Wednesday and Thursday off with plans with Caitlin.

We were going to include the following activities, initially in no particular order:

  1. Go watch the fireworks (it’s not a very well designed website, by the way, so if you are keen do be patient)
    Caitlin’s always been quite excited watching fireworks. When it used to, we could watch it from afar from my parents’ house on weekend, when they were letting it off at Titiwangsa after launching Visit Malaysia Year. This was when I started explain to Caitlin what “expensive” means, when they eventually stopped it!
  2. (Re) Visit Genting Highlands.
    For obvious reasons
  3. Go shopping.
    She likes to just window shop; be out of the house.

We managed the third and first item on Wednesday day and night respectively. The fireworks event was an adventure in itself. Wyluxx had wanted to try his hand at photographing fireworks this time, so given Caitlin’s likely interest to watch too, we went along.

20 minutes of straight booms and bangs and flashes was quite worth the ride all the way to Putrajaya, and the 2 hour wait- we went early, to secure good parking and viewing spots, but mainly cos we weren’t sure exactly where the venue was going to be. Anticipating the crowd (very likely learned from past experience) the local police had set up clear directional signs for the traffic, and had areas properly cordoned off for orderly parking.

I think Caitlin enjoyed it.

But because of these activities on Wednesday, Caitlin didn’t manage to get any afternoon nap, and also that the fireworks only finished at 10:20pm, we got home quite late. So I had wanted her to sleep in as late as possible on Thursday morning.

I had planned on doing item 2 on Thursday. But wouldn’t you know it, it rained. And rained, and rained and rained. Caitlin must have been psyched about going to Genting too, cos she auto-woke early.

I had to let her down by saying we cannot go after all. So, Daddee’s Plan B was to bring her for a movie. Her first ever movie experience. The only suitable one available was WALL-E.

And how did it go, you ask?

We went to Midvalley. After checking online the showing times I aimed for the first session of 11:45am; with the 12:30pm one as back up. I mean, I knew it is the school holidays, but wouldn’t the teenagers be more interested in Star Wars than WALL-E?? Why did I have to get the 12:30 one?

So, we got the tickets, and hung around for just over an hour and a half. It was ok; we ate our prepacked lunch, checked out the nearby pet store to talk to some parrots, went to the toilet before showtime.

Also, I didn’t know it was a 2-hour movie. But that’s not the “bad news”. 20 minutes into it, Caitlin asks: “Is it finished yet?”

She also has a slight runny nose, and the cinema was quite cold even for me. We left the cinema for a while just to get her a nice jacket to wear (she doesn’t have a nice one anyway). I got her a Pooh Bear World of Cartoon denim jacket which I do think is quite nice. It’s dark denim with orange stitching, straight cut buttons all the way like a shirt pattern and shirt collared. I got her a size 6 knowing it will fit her for a few more years.

Went back in, and time for another leave-the-cinema for a toilet break. Soon after, she didn’t like it, and we left the movie completely.

So that was my first experience with her on her first movie experience.

Few things I noted:

  • Toddlers have no sense of time.
    While she understood that the movie will start “when this hand reaches here where it says ’30’ on Daddee’s watch”, I had trouble explaining to her how long 2 hours was. I tried saying “It’s as long as 8 episodes of Jo-Jo” but it really didn’t work.
  • Toddler have no sense of length of time.
    Again, only 20 minutes into it, she was getting bored.
  • Toddlers can be prepared, somewhat.
    She was made to expect the dark hall of the cinema. She was made to expect the potentially loud sounds from the movie. She was made to expect not to talk too much. But she wasn’t told not to be fidgety, she wasn’t told not to lean too close to the seat (the patron) infront of her, she wasn’t told not to exercise the folding chair by folding it repeatedly.

So for tomorrow, being the weekend before the kids go back to school, I may bring her to the Aquaria with Moomykin and her boys. Anyone else interested?

Oh cool! Mummee and Daddee are bringing me out shopping! Jie-jie’s been bugging them all weekend and now they are actually going to bring us out!

Good thing jie-jie’s managed to finish her home… home… that thing she does when she sits at that adult table… So now we are free to go out!

I am out I am out!

Hey look! Other people!

Look to the right!

Hey look! More other people!

Looks behind!

And more and more and more! They just keep coming down that moving stairs!

Oh, I gotta rest my neck; and let the adults fuss over my drooling for a while….

Looks tired!

‘Tis the silly season again. Frantic people cracking their heads over what to buy who which… Local shopping malls would be jam packed with shoppers; it also helps, of course, that in Malaysia we are already having sales on, making shopping for gifts a lot easier on the wallet…

[ Shot of Midvalley shopping centre ]

Caitlin and I felt the full implications when we were in Adelaide a fortnight ago. The malls were packed with people, the shops were packed with people, the retailers were packed with people.

[ Shot of the outside of David Jones city centre ]

Well, I felt the full impact when we arrived at the toys section of Myers. It was packed with kids! You may call it a mistake, but I did want to see what was on offer, if anything. But the full impact? It wasn’t that there was anything significant on sale. There were dinosaur toys, baby toys, some books (not enough of, actually) and the quintessential electronics for kids.

She just wouldn’t leave.

Granted it was meant to be a relaxing play-by-ear no-agenda holiday; this Daddee was just willing to show her the sights and sounds, and whatever she wanted to see… But still.

Retailers are clever. They put out the hands-on hot toys for Christmas for the kids to try, and for Daddy’s like me to be stuck with waiting for them to finish- yeah, I agree: As if they would!

I think I spent over an hour standing on the same spot that whole time, watching my little girl push Thomas and his friends along the tracks, round and round the table.

It was fun at first, very cute of the kids (yes plural, and at least they were sharing) to be playing like this. Then, I got bored and was wearing out both knees after shifting my weight left and right.

Parents: My lesson here is, in this age of internet and online shopping, shop online!

So I searched and came across this toy guide site.

Because it is set out like a blog site, it is clean and easy on the eyes. No gawdy bright colours to greet you and send you clicking away.

Listed by types of toys, brands, and age group, the whole online shopping experience is made a lot easier- you are in control of where you wanna go and be and not get lost.

But because it is also a blog, there are posts and articles describing select toys, accompanied by clean photos, making the whole experience on the site more informative and enjoyable. Readers can and do submit their comments on these posts / items too, adding credibility to the descriptions on the items on sale.

All from the comforts of whatever you are sitting on now, in whatever you are wearing now, on the blogosphere that you are already down with (that)!


So what would Daddee like for Christmas?

He’s already got it- an iPhone 3G.

He was researching toys and found this toys blogsite. How else would he have stood in the same spot for over an hour? :)

I had actually wanted to put this in the Random Quotes section of this blog (there, on the right), but thought it to be too significant.

I don’t know if she learnt it from school, or from Sesame Street’s podcast’s – this particular episode, but somewhere along the line Caitlin’s grasped the concept of family.

It’s a short work week this week. In fact, Caitlin’s school is closed this week as most of the parents had wanted it so, so that their family could get away and be with loved ones during this festivity.

Last night as I was putting her to bed, I was apologising for not being able to bring her shopping during the day as I had implied earlier in the day (she loves to walk about in shopping centres). I had suggested that perhaps Grandma can bring her along during the following days of supermarket-shopping; since starting school she’s not been able to tag along on these trips as her grandparents do these rounds in the morning, and picks her up from school afterwards.

Yay, she exclaimed.

Then I mentioned that Wednesday and Thursday are public holidays for all, and maybe then we could go out and do something.

“Mummee too?” she asked.

“Yes Mummee too..”

“YAY! Then Daddee, Mummee, Di-di (Mandarin for younger brother) and Caitlin can go out as my family !!

Wooo… this Daddee thought….

She understands the concept. She appreciates the opportunity. She looks forward to the outing as a family unit.

It’s just great!