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Adding some colour to this blog, even if it’s brown!

Originally posted 2008-10-29 23:53:55. Can you guess what Caitlin is making here?

“Do you have any children?”

Originally posted 2008-08-13 13:50:27.

That is usually the question parents ask the detective, in cops & robbers shows on TV, when they speak about the mishaps regarding their kids.

I never knew the implications until I now that I have my own kids. The writers of these shows know what they are talking about- about how parents feel about kids, and about how child-less folks not knowing what it feels like when mishaps befall (other people’s) children.

I saw this article on The Star this morning. It saddens me that people can do this to children; and in this case, presumably by someone who’s not had kids of their own.

What I had wanted to share in this post, mainly, is that I was reminded by Dr Pixie recently not to throw kids up in the air during play- you know, throw them up, and catch them by the armpits when they are falling.

She said that in playing like this, there is a chance of busting a vein or vessel in the head.

Presumably the same thing this abused child suffered “….. (sic) had suffered bleeding in the head probably due to a violent shake”…..


The week (or two) that was!

For the end of Ramadhan month here in Malaysia, we had a really long weekend off work. Caitlin’s school, in fact, had the whole week off (they had a couple of Saturdays of school to make up for closing the … Continue reading

Waiting for bedtime

Woo look…. Jigsaw puzzle….

But the news hour is more interesting…