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“.. Light the corners of my mind…”

Originally posted 2009-10-19 22:17:27. This, and last week, were quite significant for me. My parents are moving to a new gated community along with my two older brothers. What is significant; I guess not just for me, is that our … Continue reading

No photos please!

Originally posted 2009-06-01 00:36:18. I gotta check the old camera again; I actually think Caitlin took this shot!

Adding some colour to this blog

Originally posted 2008-09-24 11:43:21. Following up on the attitude of this last post….. Whatcha lookin at? I said: WHATCHA LOOKIN AT? You talkin’ to me? Heh heh! Yes you are!

Portraits of the kids..

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Originally posted 2011-05-09 21:30:01. This is why I wanna take up photography.. To document their growth… To make an album, or two, or three… To be able to look back and remember when they were so tiny, so innocent, so … Continue reading

Adding some colours to this blog!

Clips and memories from recent events…

Adding some colour to this blog!

Sharing some still shots from the videos taken… Teeth, anytime now! And no- that’s not a caterpillar crawling out of his head! Snapped just before that drop left his chin! Daddee with his no-chin (as opposed to double-chin) Heh….

Flickr Themes of Me!

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. Recently I had a writer’s block. My kind readers shared some ideas to overcome this. This post is one of the suggested topics- Thanks Hissychick for this (whom had also done one)! Type your answer to each of the … Continue reading