Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

For a few months now I have been having this pain when I pee- it’s not all the time, it’s only sometimes. I told Daddee about it, but he looked like he didn’t know what to do. He said to just make sure I continually washed after I pee; it’s usually Daddee who washes me at home after I pee.

I think now he thinks he hasn’t been washing me properly. Poor Daddee, I think he feels sad and, what’s the word- Inadequate?

So last Saturday Daddee took me to see TuaKor (Eldest paternal aunty, or Dr Pixie) for a few things: That I have (still) been having hard stools, that I don’t go poo-poo everyday, and also for this pain when I pee.

So TuaKor examined me. I was so scared and I didn’t let her touch me. Daddee said it was okay; TuaKor needs to see why it’s been pain-pain when I pee.

They were right; TuaKor only opened me up a little and that was enough to see some, err, inflammation; I think they called it, that it is pinky-red. They started talking about me, saying that to make sure I am washed inside and not just outside my skin area. Also, sometimes using only toilet paper to wipe is not enough. Daddee used this big word to say that he wasn’t familiar the girl body.. ana.. anatom-something. I think that first big word is how he feels about touching this ana-thing.

So TuaKor asked Daddee to go buy this wash called Lactacyd, and to use it after each time I pee, for 3 days straight. TuaKor also said my no-poo-poo has something to do with my inflammation, but I think Daddee can’t see the connection either…. But I will continue making sure I eat lots of vegetables still.

First few times he washed me it was so painful I cried. I don’t know why- it could be that the soap or it could be that Daddee was too hard. After a few times, Daddee thought to ask me to wash myself. That’s a good idea Daddee. He stood by with the shower head running and made sure I washed inside before spraying me while I continue washing.

It’s been 3 days of use now; except when I went back to school after the holidays this morning. I think Daddee will insist I am washed with this wash tomorrow, and then that would be enough. I think NaiNai (paternal grandma) was also teaching Daddee that this wash is quite drying, but suggested to still use it once a week to ensure.. hy… hy… oh I give up.

Daddee forgot to ask Dr Pixie what the adult-name is for my pain-pain.

After the visit to TuaKor’s clinic, as promised, Daddee took me to the big underground aquarium at the twin towers KLCC to check out the sharks being fed… I think he felt bad to miss his friend Auntie Kathie and her 2 boys!