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McDonald’s McValue McParty!

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Originally posted 2009-05-21 23:12:33. Caitlin’s classmate Chloe had her birthday party at Centrepoint’s McDonald’s over the weekend. I had organized Caitlin’s 4 year old birthday party before, and one of my criteria was that all the kids should enjoy the … Continue reading

Attack of the noodles!

Originally posted 2008-07-28 23:16:53.

Grandma was feeding Caitlin noodles. Grandma didn’t realise how hot the noodles was. Gave it to Caitlin, Caitlin immediately spat out, landing on her chest, and started crying.

Grandma immediately brushed it off Caitlin’s chest, comforted her, and was feeling bad…

“Sorry!! Grandma naughty! Grandma didn’t make sure the noodles was cool enough; Grandma naughty! So sorry darling!”

Caitlin, I guess felt sorry for Grandma. Still in her tears, Caitlin comforts Grandma, “No, noodles naughty! Not Grandma!”

Toddler is passing very hard stools!

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Originally posted 2008-07-08 23:49:49. Yup. The poor kid has to endure the hardness of her stools that she bursts into tears at the pain of it. And she pushes hard too. To the extent that today, Grandma told me that … Continue reading


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Originally posted 2009-03-02 20:53:37. It’s not always that we get to eat like kings. But one doesn’t have to be kings to be able to eat like this in mostly all Australian cafes….. Okay okay, this may not be a … Continue reading

Hands of a 4 year old.

Originally posted 2009-08-14 23:33:46. I was just going through the photo library on my laptop… and this just occurred to me. Does this look like a hand of a 4 year old? Maybe it does to you. To me it … Continue reading

Drives us all up the wall

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I recall I used to do this to my mum as well when I was this age. Kinda also recall driving her crazy too. You feed the 2 year old a mouthful. And he keeps it there. No movement, no … Continue reading

Lines on my body..

So I was in the bathroom a few days before, checking out my physique, topless.

Caitlin walks in, and asked what the heck I was doing.

I decided to be honest.

“Daddee’s looking at the lines on my body**”.

“Lines? What lines?”

“These lines” point at the curved lines beneath what used to be spectacular pecs*. “Daddee’s getting fat.”

Now she is telling people she doesn’t wanna eat so much because she doesn’t wanna get fat- “Otherwise I will get lines on my body like Daddee…”

Yeah thanks kiddo.

* Okay I exaggerate.

** The lines look like bra-underwire marks on my body now- this, I am not exaggerating. I will spare you the photos lest you cannot look at me in the face the next time we meet…. or vice versa.

It’s a combo of gravity, fat, and the lack of youth.

I am in trouble now….