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It’s not always that we get to eat like kings.

But one doesn’t have to be kings to be able to eat like this in mostly all Australian cafes…..


Okay okay, this may not be a big deal for some of you guys, but it is for me; cos it’s not always that we get real bacon at home… You could find them in Malaysian supermarkets, but I don’t think I’d be able to get a “complete” meal like this!

And this is only for breakfast :)


Just wanted to share our little outing this evening…. that almost didn’t happen…

Since the Genting trip and getting a thrill from the ferris wheel there, I thought the next mini adventure for the little one would be to visit The Eye on Malaysia, our version of the London Eye, to be diplomatic ;) After all, this Malaysian attraction is going to be moving to Malacca soon, so what better excuse to go.

I had initially thought to go during day time, perhaps at its opening time of 10am. Hot Mummee thought it’d be too hot, so we opted to go on Friday evening after dinner.

Since my brother’s house is actually quite close to Lake Titiwangsa, we thought we’d head on over there first to have dinner, and leave Caleb there while Caitlin, Hot Mummee and I visited The Eye on Malaysia.

After we finished out meal, we got Caitlin into her jeans and was about to go. And wouldn’t you know it, it started raining.

It was quite heavy too, and I had to break the news to Caitlin that we weren’t going anymore. Poor kid was all teary. I consoled her that Daddee wanted to go too, and that we’d do something tomorrow and try the Eye another day.

But some 10 minutes later, it stopped. Risking it, we went anyway.

Got to the place and the grounds there was dry! The rain may have been a blessing too keeping most folks indoors thinking the same thing we were thinking.

So the queue was rather short. There were still people there loitering, taking photos etc, but we really didn’t have to wait long at all.

Here Caitlin was pointing to a boy, probably not much older than her, climbing a banister. She remarked how “naughty” he was, climbing such a structure; at which point he fell. We reminded her there and then that that is the reason why we don’t let her climb things.

Thought I’d sneak this other angled shot of her still looking at the boy, dusting himself off.

So we got our tickets, ushered to the top of some steps waiting for the wheel to stop for a car to “park” itself at the end of these steps. We had our own car!

Got in, and started the ride!


In all, the wheel turned 5 times; Hot Mummee counted, lasting about 15 minutes. Obviously, it wasn’t long enough for Caitlin! I wouldn’t have minded going again, but unlike Genting where we’d just pay for the entrance and ride all we want, here at RM15 for adults and RM8 for 3-12 yr olds…

So the evening was a bit of a letdown for all, especially when there was just The Eye there, and nothing else. I suppose it was because we went at night…

Caitlin likes to go shopping. Make the slightest inkling that we are going shopping and her adrenalin gets pumping.

Typical female I guess. But at least for now she is not keen on checking out shoes….


However, I gotta be fair. I do like to go check out gadget shops too. When we passed the Machines store (Apple and accessory store) Caitlin actually recognised it. “Daddee you wanna go in there?” I didn’t have to, so we didn’t. Much as I’d like to repeat the ritual of making at least 1 round and probably see the same stuff as the last visit.

Hee hee.

I can’t say this shoppaholic gene runs through the whole family though. The little man was actually already asleep in the car on the way even though his big sister was all the chatterbox that she is (even more of since we were going shopping).


Nice way to spend the public holiday that we had this week, I reckon :)

It’s school holidays next week, and I have kinda made promises of more mini adventures with her…. Only that now I don’t think I can get days off work anymore- looks like this Daddee may have to break some promises, or only do them on weekends and cram the shopping malls and carparks with the rest of the city folk …. Yikes.

It’s the school holidays this week. I had taken Wednesday and Thursday off with plans with Caitlin.

We were going to include the following activities, initially in no particular order:

  1. Go watch the fireworks (it’s not a very well designed website, by the way, so if you are keen do be patient)
    Caitlin’s always been quite excited watching fireworks. When it used to, we could watch it from afar from my parents’ house on weekend, when they were letting it off at Titiwangsa after launching Visit Malaysia Year. This was when I started explain to Caitlin what “expensive” means, when they eventually stopped it!
  2. (Re) Visit Genting Highlands.
    For obvious reasons
  3. Go shopping.
    She likes to just window shop; be out of the house.

We managed the third and first item on Wednesday day and night respectively. The fireworks event was an adventure in itself. Wyluxx had wanted to try his hand at photographing fireworks this time, so given Caitlin’s likely interest to watch too, we went along.

20 minutes of straight booms and bangs and flashes was quite worth the ride all the way to Putrajaya, and the 2 hour wait- we went early, to secure good parking and viewing spots, but mainly cos we weren’t sure exactly where the venue was going to be. Anticipating the crowd (very likely learned from past experience) the local police had set up clear directional signs for the traffic, and had areas properly cordoned off for orderly parking.

I think Caitlin enjoyed it.

But because of these activities on Wednesday, Caitlin didn’t manage to get any afternoon nap, and also that the fireworks only finished at 10:20pm, we got home quite late. So I had wanted her to sleep in as late as possible on Thursday morning.

I had planned on doing item 2 on Thursday. But wouldn’t you know it, it rained. And rained, and rained and rained. Caitlin must have been psyched about going to Genting too, cos she auto-woke early.

I had to let her down by saying we cannot go after all. So, Daddee’s Plan B was to bring her for a movie. Her first ever movie experience. The only suitable one available was WALL-E.

And how did it go, you ask?

We went to Midvalley. After checking online the showing times I aimed for the first session of 11:45am; with the 12:30pm one as back up. I mean, I knew it is the school holidays, but wouldn’t the teenagers be more interested in Star Wars than WALL-E?? Why did I have to get the 12:30 one?

So, we got the tickets, and hung around for just over an hour and a half. It was ok; we ate our prepacked lunch, checked out the nearby pet store to talk to some parrots, went to the toilet before showtime.

Also, I didn’t know it was a 2-hour movie. But that’s not the “bad news”. 20 minutes into it, Caitlin asks: “Is it finished yet?”

She also has a slight runny nose, and the cinema was quite cold even for me. We left the cinema for a while just to get her a nice jacket to wear (she doesn’t have a nice one anyway). I got her a Pooh Bear World of Cartoon denim jacket which I do think is quite nice. It’s dark denim with orange stitching, straight cut buttons all the way like a shirt pattern and shirt collared. I got her a size 6 knowing it will fit her for a few more years.

Went back in, and time for another leave-the-cinema for a toilet break. Soon after, she didn’t like it, and we left the movie completely.

So that was my first experience with her on her first movie experience.

Few things I noted:

  • Toddlers have no sense of time.
    While she understood that the movie will start “when this hand reaches here where it says ’30’ on Daddee’s watch”, I had trouble explaining to her how long 2 hours was. I tried saying “It’s as long as 8 episodes of Jo-Jo” but it really didn’t work.
  • Toddler have no sense of length of time.
    Again, only 20 minutes into it, she was getting bored.
  • Toddlers can be prepared, somewhat.
    She was made to expect the dark hall of the cinema. She was made to expect the potentially loud sounds from the movie. She was made to expect not to talk too much. But she wasn’t told not to be fidgety, she wasn’t told not to lean too close to the seat (the patron) infront of her, she wasn’t told not to exercise the folding chair by folding it repeatedly.

So for tomorrow, being the weekend before the kids go back to school, I may bring her to the Aquaria with Moomykin and her boys. Anyone else interested?

So last weekend the kids’ uncle was participating in an event / launch that was conducted in Times Square’s theme park.

I had not been inside before despite it being opened for years now, boasting the world’s largest indoor roller coaster. So what better opportune to bring the kids along.

We got there, saw and greeted kau-foo, got the free passes, and disappeared! How rude!

One of the rides that Caitlin had eagerly wanted to try was the bumper car. She had tried this once before when we went to Genting Highlands; where she froze upon the cars starting and other riders started to bump into her (read it here).

This time however, I guess she knew the objective of the ride, and wasn’t too miffed about being bumped into as much. However, whilst driving she was actually avoiding everyone as much as she could! I guess this was her first driving lesson, and not a bad one at that- I was watching her and she was avoiding “cars” quite well :)

Little brother Caleb however, I guess was going through what his jie-jie was going through on her first time. He wasn’t sure what to make of this. I could see he was hanging on (but not for dear life, probably cos he doesn’t know what to worry!) and looking everywhere. Perhaps he was getting motion sickness in that he wasn’t in control of the direction, and also the jerking whiplash stop-starting of the car.

When jie-jie wanted to go on it again, he opted out :) So we went on the train ride again :)

I think in all she went like 4 times :)

You can just hear the moans from all the kids around Malaysia this Monday morning, Caitlin’s included.

I had taken June 8, 9, and 10 off to do something with her, those days (already) being the 2nd week of her 2-week school break. Due to some urgency of needing to quickly setup some stock trading accounts, Hot Mummee and I, instead, were in Singapore on Monday and Tuesday. Thinking I could then make it up to Caitlin on Wednesday, she developed a fever. Luckily by Thursday it had subsided, and Friday she was fine.

So on Saturday, we all went up to the Genting Highlands again, seeing as it was gonna only be a daytrip to anywhere at all. We did initially think about going away a few days… but logistics with a 1-year old and other factors kinda dampened that spirit!

Naturally, this was already the second time we took Caitlin there (her 3rd visit, actually. First one was when Yee-Yee was in town when she was probably 2+). She was already gearing to ride that “up-down”up-down” ride again. But either this Daddee was getting a bit old and slow or that this Daddee through the years have become wiser (at least about the weather!) that I decided we should try out the indoor theme park instead. :)

Her first reactions from only 2 rides “Why is this so slow??” Daddee is kinda glad that Caitlin has his genes. HM’s not into rides and would very likely not join us when the kids are in their teens to venture on rollercoasters- we no doubt we would be “graduating” to bigger and better rides as the kids grow!

Anyway, it did rain outside, so it was just as well we were indoors. Really, the only 2 rides that I could tell she liked were one that Caitlin only just qualified for (otherwise she would be too tall!)- one that is basically a train of cars that looped around a very minor coaster-like track; and the monorail, which looped outside/outdoors; allowing us to confirm that it did indeed rain.

This visit however, we did also bring Caleb along. But he had only just hung with HM and Grandma and Grandpa; only Caitlin and I went to the theme park. HM’s justification would be that it would be too expensive for so many people to go; but it really because she wants to enjoy the buffet at the cafe :) Besides, someone had to watch over Caleb anyway, who incidentally was apparently sleeping the whole time the adults were munching away at the food!

Thinking this was still something of a waste of school holidays, Sunday afternoon, even if it was really just a simple dinner and the stroll to get some Burger King (!) takeaway for HM, I still brought Caitlin out to The Gardens, as a small treat. We shared a meatball spaghetti thingy from Italiannies :) Since she again didn’t nap in the afternoon, I was quite happy that she knocked off between 9:30 to 10pm last night, all ready for school

So then, back to topic.

Therefore, this morning as you can imagine, it was all moans and groans. Having been one myself oh-s0-many decades ago, I sympathised with her and sat with her for a while, watching her stretch, rub her eyes, complain.

I don’t wanna go to schooooooooooool….

I want Daddee to stay with meeeee……

I don’t wanna go to schooooooooooool…..

This was going on all the way to just before the front of her school. Being slightly behind schedule due to traffic (after all everyone’s going back to school too), I opted to drop her off at school first instead of Caleb at Grandma’s first.

Opened the door for her, helped her with her backpack, knelt down to her level. got my usual kiss, gave her mine, and soon she was trotting off to school again, pony-tail swinging side to side. The usual sight.

I hope her spirit is indeed revived, as I promised her it will when she sees her schoolfriends again this morning.

This is/was the circus that's playing now

I would say that in planning for this event, my niece has had her first taste in project (event?) managing and executing a pretty major event, even if it’s only a family affair.

And being the cheeky uncle that I am, during times of emailing and IM-ing with her I pressured her highlighting things like “Are we on schedule?”, “You do realise that it’s now only seven days till the event”, when we (she) still hadn’t settled on which doorgifts would be best for the occassion / guests, let alone allowing time for the suppliers to come back with a quote and also getting them made!


She’s been frantically visiting the venue, executing the questions we had about where and how the tables will be arranged, sorting the seating by guests, getting her team (of cousins) to memorise the tables to help ushering, where to position the tv / screen (we have a slideshow of photos of last 50+ years), compiling the photos, “do they have wireless mics”, “this doorgift is better than that”, and getting her surprise gift completed, etc.

Yes, she’s done a surprise gift too.

At this juncture, from my own observations I’d say she has experienced at least some of these emotions!

  • Some small forms of accomplishment (getting things in order for the event)
  • Asking for favours
  • Asking authorities (her older relatives) to stick to deadlines!
  • Gratitude
  • Controlling some (anxiety-related) emotions
  • Pressured!
  • Can’t please everyone!
  • Panic!

Pretty good training just before heading off to uni!

Will let you know how the event goes!


Photos courtesy of my brother’s Flickr collection