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And.. a… ONE!
Getting ready

And.. a.. TWO!
And.. a.. Hey I am up!

On my ass!

Happy First Birthday, Caleb!

Soon you will be walking, and running, and we’d be chasing…..!

You are starting to show your traits:
You are compassionate. If you accidentally knock someone you immediately apologise without prompting from anyone. If jie-jie is hurt, you go to her asking if she is okay. And if she asks if you would share your toys with her, you go awright quite immediately willingly.

You are inquisitive:
You see things and you tell me you see them. Every single thing.

And then you go Right Daddee? Right?

You are like Mummee- independent, and OCD:
You wanna try things yourself, and you wanna do it your way. That is why if whatever you are attempting is being done wrong, we will never get out of there.

You are also sly:
You still pee in your pants; likely from being too lazy to stop whatever fun activity you are doing at the moment to go pee. And when you are caught, you change the subject hoping that your trouble with the adults will go away. Of course it won’t, and so you run away. Literally.

But above all, all these traits are better than you being the opposite of them!

Happy Birthday buddy!

This was no April Fool’s joke!

This morning in the car ride she’s reminded me that a couple of her teeth now feel wobbly..

I am happy that she is growing, but at the same time I don’t want her to!

This, and last week, were quite significant for me.

My parents are moving to a new gated community along with my two older brothers. What is significant; I guess not just for me, is that our parents have been living in this house since 1984, when it was renovated, and since 1975 on that same plot of land.

Yes, a lot of memories surrounding this house.

  • I learned how to cycle there
  • I chilled at the kitchen’s breakfast counter watching the A-Team/Airwolf when mum was teaching yoga upstairs
  • The same breakfast counter I had cereals before school
  • The same house where our beloved Alsation grew up and grew old and died
  • All the kids had their wedding ceremonies there
  • All the Chinese new years
  • Nieces and nephews’ first steps
  • I had a birthday party there where my high school crush came
  • It was home when I returned for holidays whilst studying in Australia
  • It was home.


I was there last weekend helping pack my accumulated junk since teenage years. Caitlin came along too; Caleb didn’t because of the impending mess that comes with moving. Naturally she questioned EVERYTHING she saw. She saw the birthday cards from high school girl-friends. She saw some of my obsolete computer hardware. She saw some of my cassettes of 80’s pop music (to avoid embarrassment I wont cite who they were!)

Today I wasn’t there for the “official” move (according to the Chinese lunar calendar today is a good day). But this weekend will likely be the last time i get to set foot in that house when the trucks ferry off the last remaining personal items.

I took this shot of Caitlin helping remove and sort out some really old photos from a 50+ years old album, of my parents’ dating days, and also baby pics of my older siblings!

I wouldn’t call it expert handling, but Caitlin’s been managing to get most of her food into her mouth with chopsticks these days.

She can’t open-close the sticks yet, but she makes enough of a fork-like position with them that she is able to get ‘em into her mouth. She is able to make the occasional grasp of the morsel; that will just be a matter of time before she will be able to grip all foodstuff, I reckon.

Caitlin with adult chopsticks

But the more remarkable thing for me is that she had worked out how to use my Macbook Pro’s trackpad!

Remarkable in that, since this is my precious, I very rarely let her out of my sight when she is “using” it for watching Sesame St podcasts. And since I haven’t yet invested in a good bluetooth mouse, I don’t let her use it at all, assuming she wouldn’t be able to work the trackpad- this kid has not been experiencing the human-computer interface as much as other kids her age. But I think she’s seen me use the trackpad enough to abstract-think my finger movement in the square of the pad and corresponding arrow on the screen.

Today I loaded the Playhouse Disney website and watched her interact with the instructions. Like a typical kid, she was “short-cutting” through the various screens not waiting for the kiddie voice to finish explaining how to proceed.

I think if and when I do get a mouse, I won’t be able to use my own computer much anymore… Just like how Hot Mummee’s already been monopolising the other time-waster: The tv remote.


Caitlin knows her Mandarin counting from 1 – 10, audibly. As in, she can cite it. But give her a break, thus far it’s only in ascending order :)

She also knows her roman numbers already (or do I mean gregorian?? You know- the numbers on your keyboard); proved herself repeatedly in the lift and (since then) any other places now.

Come time to teach her the Chinese calligraphy of 1 – 10, we stumble.

She can point from 1 – 10 and cite them. Jump in randomly pointing at any calligraphy-number with “What’s this?” and she stumbles.

If they are written in ascending order, and if she knows that they are, she can sometimes get by.

How? She cheats.

It’s quite funny watching a 4 year old citing something in their head, and visually counting without fingers, matching the citing and jump/skipping eye-counting!

At least she thought of that herself!

That’s a description I had heard my bothers describe of me earlier, when i was fooling around and followed them to the driving range one evening.

They said I have a good swing, only it lacked the whip of the wrist, that my swing is too rounded and even. Otherwise, I do “feel” it too that the swing is not-bad :P


I think I can now justifiable use that on Caleb.

Earlier this year, probably not long after his 2nd birthday, we were already kicking a miniature basketball around inside the house. Caitlin, by comparison, sometimes still misses kicking the stationary ball, let alone decide which direction the ball will roll!

Caleb has always been able to center the ball, in terms of placing it squarely infront of him, and then actually kicking it straight to me. Not a bad feat for a kid his age; even my older brother (who is quite athletic himself during his day!) says so.

This morning, while waiting for lunch to be ready, we were again kicking the ball around in the living room. I decided instead of the usual to-and-froing, that I’d mark him soccer style.

Ball steals left and right, getting him to dodge in the same directions half a second later only to find the ball missing, and chasing after Daddee who is dribbling the ball away. Mind you for a 2.5 year old this is all new tricks for him to see and observe. At least it was all giggles and not cries of having the ball marked and stolen from him.

A short 10 minutes or so later old-man Daddee already had to sit down. But what does he find Caleb doing?

He is actually dribbling soccer-style behind the ball! The kid’s actually picked it up from just 10 minutes before!

Granted the living room isn’t very big, but he’s managed consistently to maintain just behind the ball, toe-tapping it 2-3 times as he ran after it before reaching the end of the living room, reposition, and start again the opposite direction!

Maybe I should expose him to golf next, and let him turn pro! Nothing wrong with soccer, just that as a professional career golf is a lot longer! This Daddee can be his manager and go on tour with him!

Oh, and yes- those are still his water-proof training pants!