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Happy First Birthday, Caleb!

Soon you will be walking, and running, and we’d be chasing…..!

Hissychick blogged about this.

I had wanted to respond there with mine, but didn’t quite know which one to mention, until this morning.

Last night / wee hours this morning Caleb woke crying. Mind you his cries are a combo of wail and screams.

And kept on crying and crying.

And crying and crying and crying.

I did hear Hot Mummee trying to appease him.

But he kept crying and crying and crying.

Somewhere in there HM very loudly grunted at him (grunts is our current baby-talk version for scolding, since 15 month olds still dont know language; at least for this one). The grunt made him jump; I felt it.

And crying and crying….

Luckily sleepyhead Caitlin stayed asleep. She needs her sleep because she has been noted to be dozing off at school in the mornings.

This is my kryptonite because I get the shits from a grumpy Hot Mummee too. From her lack of sleep, and from the fact that she is a light(er) sleeper than I and thus wakes before me and resents me for it!

So you know Caleb fell off the bed. That was last Friday.

Yesterday I got a call from Hot Mummee, telling me that Caleb’s fallen again. This time it was because the bouncy hammock spring snapped. Snapped! Can you believe it?

Luckily this happened with Grandma around. Being a manual bouncer, I guess she was bouncing it when it snapped- she was there to react fast enough to break his fall; though only able to catch his body while his head still struck the ground. Her other hand was catching the falling bottom half of the spring and hammock-hook.

But still….

I can only imagine he struck his head probably at the same spot as Friday’s incident. Flustered, that evening Hot Mummee and I took him to the nearby paediatric clinic to have him looked at. Again luckily, the short term signs are that he is okay. Long term signs, however, are still the same as the previous post’s. This Dr however also added: To look out for any bulging on the top of his head.

Babies are born with a soft spot at the top of their heads. Without going into too much detail, this spot is the gap between the skull plates, that will eventually fuse together when the baby reaches 1 year old.

This Dr says to occasionally touch to see if this spot is still sunken in and soft-ish. An otherwise hard and/or bulging spot would mean that there is pressure built up inside the head, which is bad news cos it’s likely to mean internal bleeding.

So my little man has had a pretty tough few days.

To top it all off, Caleb himself has contracted a flu / fever combo. Think he got it over the weekend, ie, after the Friday fall. We don’t think these are related (stress?) but it doesn’t help.

So yesterday was a pretty stressful day for everyone, and for the past few nights, we’ve been having sleepless nights being woken every 30 minutes or so of his coughing (have you ever heard a 5-6 month old cough like an old man?) followed by strong crying due to that discomfort, followed by twists and turns, rolling over and tugging at the much needed mosquito netting that is protecting him from the pests, followed by Daddee or Mummee holding him to rock him back to sleep, followed by the whole cycle again….


I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love

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You all know how I looooooove feeding Caleb when it’s my turn, during the night / wee hours of the morning; and how I looooooove exacting revenge on his bullying antics to his Daddee!

And you all know how I am resisting comparing my two kids and their respective “achievements”.


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So I had mentioned before that I was a little concerned about Caleb sleeping on his tummy when he was only at such a young age. Of course then the assurance that it was all ok by other mothers was, well, reassuring.

So he’s been sleeping on his front this whole time.

With his little stunt of falling off the bed recently, it’s obvious then that he’s already developed the super human power of rolling. And just in the last week, he’s moved on to doing that in his sleep as well now.

Not that there’s any real concern about this, only that, as with all super powers, one has to practise to perfect it. In our little man’s case, he still gets his arm stuck behind his back when he (tries but obviously can’t go all the way) rolls onto his back.

I am only aware of this because he starts crying, waking Hot Mummee and I up. While I could go reach for my camera to capture this grimace (Caleb’s, not wife’s) and his “missing” arm, I don’t think Hot Mummee would appreciate the delay in rectifying this discomfort (wife’s, Not Caleb’s) pronto.

So then, here’s a shot of the little man, in the few times he’s successfully managed to roll over onto his back in his sleep. It’s okay, this was during sane hours, so I was still awake.

These shots were taken in almost dark surrounds; shutter set to 15 seconds. Notice the barricades around him these days??

On a totally unrelated note, I took Caitlin swimming this morning; again, the first time in a while, due to either her coughing or busy weekend schedules.

This is the second time we are using this hooded towel with her. Should have got this long time ago rather than using normal towels and wrapping her up like a Japanese handroll worrying about her getting cold…


For the past few nights; enough nights to make me forget exactly how many, my two kids wake in the middle of the night, a few times.

One cries, the other cries out; sometimes one starts the other going.

One would be because he’s sleeping on his arm. Or he is due for a change. Or he is due for his milkies. Or just because. I can’t say it is because he had bad dreams- what would 7 month old babies dream about? Maybe they do dream about whatever they did during that day. In Caleb’s case, it could be Yuck, my toes don’t taste as good as they look, or do they? Lemme try again. My toes don’t taste as good as they look, or do they? Lemme try again…; Daddee’s screen savor seems to catch my eye all the time that I can’t seem to look away; Daddee’s going *peekaboo* making me giggle- I don’t know why I giggle at something so silly; Mummee’s baby talk making absolutely no sense..

But he’s started crying in the middle of the night way before he turned 7 months old.

The other would cry out audible exclamations. Last night it particular, it was “NO NO NO NO NO NO…….” as if to exclaim no that can’t be it isn’t true, or please don’t take it away type of exclamation. The other night she was just crying. For no reason. She looked like she was semi-awake, sobbing with a defiant hint of I don’t want. It took a while to calm her down. Or, she’d wake me with “Daddee, I need to go shee-shee (pee)”- (Daddee is diligent with washing her- the whole works of taking her pj-pants off, carrying her to the tap, toweling her off, etc. But then realised recently that he’s not exactly done an excellent job at it)

I also just realised / remembered something recently. Caitlin likes being comforted by being patted on her chest (less these days since toddlerhood), Caleb- patted on his back. Which also means that both kids slept differently: One on the back, the other on the tummy.

But where’s all this going?

Daddee is still lacking sleep….

Just sharing an old photo of Caitlin, with cleavage that would make Hot Mummee jealous!

Caitlin's cleavage!