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Led by poor example

Originally posted 2010-08-16 08:47:40.

So sometimes Caitlin would ask to buy a strip of candy, like Mentos or Sugus. She tells me that she shares them with her school friends- I believe her. No doubt she may keep one or two more for herself but I think the fact that they generally finish so quickly is some kind of proof for this daddee that she does share them ;)

Last night on a quick visit for some fresh milk I thought that a pack of Ribena sweets was okay for her. It was in a shiny packaging anyway; she didn’t miss it either. If the packaging is to be trusted it does contain vitamin C after all (or am I a marketers sucker-dream come true?)

So this morning on the way out to school and grandma’s respectively I was helping make sure that she does bring it along to school. Since the pack of 20 itself is rather large and didn’t quite fit into Caitlin’s uniform pocket, she passed it to me to carry in my shirt pocket.

Caleb saw.

That jie-jie was carrying something must be something I’d want too.

That she insisted Daddee carry it must be something I’d want too.

That is was also shiny must be something I’d want too…


This is where Hot Mummee’s complaints about my being biased may be justified. I didn’t want him to have one now because he’d just woken up. He hadn’t had anything to drink yet (water) let alone his morning milk- to have candy as “breakfast” or at least the first thing to eat isn’t quite an activity or habit I’d like to instil in the kids.

So what did Daddee say to discourage him?

Infront of Caitlin, I said to Caleb: “It’s medicine..”


She’d never questioned me at all or smirked at me. But I think I had done a bad thing. I could have said he could have one after his milk and insisted jie-jie shared one with him. But I didn’t. I could have simply said “Later” too, but I didn’t.

So now, Caitlin has learned a “skill” that I didn’t want her to know yet. She may well start applying this to other areas to fool us too, with the topic or severity growing as she does.



Originally posted 2009-07-05 11:28:04. Just like the Daddee, my two kids seem to “attract” mosquitoes, as compared to Hot Mummee (and her family members). While she always says it’s because I “smell” (and effectively her own kids too- good one … Continue reading

What’s your parenting kryptonite?

Originally posted 2009-04-29 11:26:09.

Hissychick blogged about this.

I had wanted to respond there with mine, but didn’t quite know which one to mention, until this morning.

Last night / wee hours this morning Caleb woke crying. Mind you his cries are a combo of wail and screams.

And kept on crying and crying.

And crying and crying and crying.

I did hear Hot Mummee trying to appease him.

But he kept crying and crying and crying.

Somewhere in there HM very loudly grunted at him (grunts is our current baby-talk version for scolding, since 15 month olds still dont know language; at least for this one). The grunt made him jump; I felt it.

And crying and crying….

Luckily sleepyhead Caitlin stayed asleep. She needs her sleep because she has been noted to be dozing off at school in the mornings.

This is my kryptonite because I get the shits from a grumpy Hot Mummee too. From her lack of sleep, and from the fact that she is a light(er) sleeper than I and thus wakes before me and resents me for it!

When it rains, it pours : Baby fell again!

Originally posted 2008-07-03 12:01:30.

So you know Caleb fell off the bed. That was last Friday.

Yesterday I got a call from Hot Mummee, telling me that Caleb’s fallen again. This time it was because the bouncy hammock spring snapped. Snapped! Can you believe it?

Luckily this happened with Grandma around. Being a manual bouncer, I guess she was bouncing it when it snapped- she was there to react fast enough to break his fall; though only able to catch his body while his head still struck the ground. Her other hand was catching the falling bottom half of the spring and hammock-hook.

But still….

I can only imagine he struck his head probably at the same spot as Friday’s incident. Flustered, that evening Hot Mummee and I took him to the nearby paediatric clinic to have him looked at. Again luckily, the short term signs are that he is okay. Long term signs, however, are still the same as the previous post’s. This Dr however also added: To look out for any bulging on the top of his head.

Babies are born with a soft spot at the top of their heads. Without going into too much detail, this spot is the gap between the skull plates, that will eventually fuse together when the baby reaches 1 year old.

This Dr says to occasionally touch to see if this spot is still sunken in and soft-ish. An otherwise hard and/or bulging spot would mean that there is pressure built up inside the head, which is bad news cos it’s likely to mean internal bleeding.

So my little man has had a pretty tough few days.

To top it all off, Caleb himself has contracted a flu / fever combo. Think he got it over the weekend, ie, after the Friday fall. We don’t think these are related (stress?) but it doesn’t help.

So yesterday was a pretty stressful day for everyone, and for the past few nights, we’ve been having sleepless nights being woken every 30 minutes or so of his coughing (have you ever heard a 5-6 month old cough like an old man?) followed by strong crying due to that discomfort, followed by twists and turns, rolling over and tugging at the much needed mosquito netting that is protecting him from the pests, followed by Daddee or Mummee holding him to rock him back to sleep, followed by the whole cycle again….

Missing his jie jie

Originally posted 2010-04-16 07:44:35.

Caitlin had to be in school early today, for an excursion to the zoo. Their chartered bus would have to leave at a time when we are usually only leaving home, effectively some 20-30 minutes out.

So there was an idea for Caitlin to spend the night at Grandma’s, since it’s so much closer to school and not risk missing the bus- which is departing earlier than when we leave our own home.

So, the previous night, only Caleb came home with us.

I wasn’t the only one feeling somewhat “empty”. 2 Year old Caleb waved goodbye to his jie-jie when we left Grandma’s, yet kept asking “Where jie-jie? Where?” most of the night. Our usual routine at that time of day is for them to chill out, usually with Playhouse Disney on the tube, and they are either or all of lying on the beanbag watching, or making small projects with the scrap paper we collect (colouring, making makeshift toys like wands, pretend-anything), or having their last milkies for the day.

Caleb pretty much had to do most of these alone. In fact he was almost subdued on this night, only mainly watching the tube from the beanbag.

He obviously takes the lead from jie-jie, which obviously leads to other behavioural “problems” when jie-jie hasn’t exactly been good! More to come on this!

Lazy Sunday afternoon..

Originally posted 2009-06-28 14:26:55.

Is making a lot of “noise” now, with..


Grr-grr- “go-go” is what is uttered whenever we are ready to go out. Now he’s the one telling us we should go out.

Ma’am-mee (nope, still not calling Daddee);

circa and dar (“circle” and “star”, when Daddee was doodling with him);

tonne-ner whenever we enter a tunnel, or even under overhead bridges that remotely resemble anything undercover;

Runs around in circles of present-moment’s object of desire on the floor- a toy, a piece of paper, etc.

She was pretty proud that she could rubber-band tie her rolled up doodling (“treasure map”) with a double twirl all by herself.

Caitlin’s cough and sniffles is getting better; thank goodness there’s no fever otherwise I’d be bringing her straight to a doctor, for obvious reasons of what’s in the air these days.

It’s mid afternoon. I think we’ll grr-grr to Midvalley using the tonne-ner parking, since really there’s nothing to do otherwise at home :)

No photos please!

Originally posted 2009-06-01 00:36:18. I gotta check the old camera again; I actually think Caitlin took this shot!