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I wish my work only involved colour pencils…

Originally posted 2008-05-06 14:53:59.

Happy to report that Caitlin’s colouring (ie, her motor skills with the pencil) has been improving steadily. She has been getting at least one star-rating from her homework from her teacher; who, earlier this year, was telling us that her motor skills was lacking.

Incidentally, it is coming to that time of the year again, where the roads will be clearer, parents go on leave from work in droves, shopping centres more crowded than usual, and another parent-teacher meeting scheduled- later this month (of May).

Naturally, I’d be curious to see how our little girl has progressed these last few months. I am the more relaxed parent, especially when it comes to a 3+ year old’s school progress, but Hot Mummee seems to be putting the pressure on the little angel; I don’t quite agree that this is appropriate for this level of education nor at this age… Was that a hint of some domestic issues??

Anyway, did you know that “J” is for jacket?
A yellow, red, blue, purple, with an orange starred jacket, at that ;)


Bullying in preschool!

Originally posted 2008-05-10 12:36:27.

This had to happen at some point during the parenting journey; at least that’s been my view. I just never thought it was going to be so soon!

I came home from work last night and greeted my inlaws and Caitlin.

Hi Caitlin! How’s school today; any homework?

No… OH Daddee, (something to report) today, in school, a boy hit me….

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Grown some more

Originally posted 2010-04-02 10:58:48.

This was no April Fool’s joke!

This morning in the car ride she’s reminded me that a couple of her teeth now feel wobbly..

I am happy that she is growing, but at the same time I don’t want her to!

The tongue

Originally posted 2009-08-05 19:01:46. Being the youngest I grew up with books and some comics already in the house (as well as contemporary music like The Carpenters, some Beatles, Glen Campbell, John Denver… Oh my I’m scaring myself while I … Continue reading

“.. Light the corners of my mind…”

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Mini Milestone :: Chopsticks and trackpad

Originally posted 2008-10-26 15:38:45. I wouldn’t call it expert handling, but Caitlin’s been managing to get most of her food into her mouth with chopsticks these days. She can’t open-close the sticks yet, but she makes enough of a fork-like … Continue reading

Led by poor example

Originally posted 2010-08-16 08:47:40.

So sometimes Caitlin would ask to buy a strip of candy, like Mentos or Sugus. She tells me that she shares them with her school friends- I believe her. No doubt she may keep one or two more for herself but I think the fact that they generally finish so quickly is some kind of proof for this daddee that she does share them ;)

Last night on a quick visit for some fresh milk I thought that a pack of Ribena sweets was okay for her. It was in a shiny packaging anyway; she didn’t miss it either. If the packaging is to be trusted it does contain vitamin C after all (or am I a marketers sucker-dream come true?)

So this morning on the way out to school and grandma’s respectively I was helping make sure that she does bring it along to school. Since the pack of 20 itself is rather large and didn’t quite fit into Caitlin’s uniform pocket, she passed it to me to carry in my shirt pocket.

Caleb saw.

That jie-jie was carrying something must be something I’d want too.

That she insisted Daddee carry it must be something I’d want too.

That is was also shiny must be something I’d want too…


This is where Hot Mummee’s complaints about my being biased may be justified. I didn’t want him to have one now because he’d just woken up. He hadn’t had anything to drink yet (water) let alone his morning milk- to have candy as “breakfast” or at least the first thing to eat isn’t quite an activity or habit I’d like to instil in the kids.

So what did Daddee say to discourage him?

Infront of Caitlin, I said to Caleb: “It’s medicine..”


She’d never questioned me at all or smirked at me. But I think I had done a bad thing. I could have said he could have one after his milk and insisted jie-jie shared one with him. But I didn’t. I could have simply said “Later” too, but I didn’t.

So now, Caitlin has learned a “skill” that I didn’t want her to know yet. She may well start applying this to other areas to fool us too, with the topic or severity growing as she does.