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Toddler and nudity

Originally posted 2007-12-09 15:17:46.

“Deh-deeeeeh.. deh-neh-neeeeh.. neh-neh-neh… I can’t get no… satisfaction….”


“Yes?” [ Perhaps she isn't ready for Daddee's shower-singing ]

“I need to Ngg Ngg!!” (That’s the verb for pooping)

[ Uh-oh, I am in the shower, & the only available help is downstairs NOT within shouting earshot ] I stop what I am doing, open the translucent shower door, wrap my towel around my waist, & open the door to “rescue” her urgency.

I lead her into the bathroom toilet, pull down her pants, & lift her onto the toddler-toilet-seat equipped toilet.

Her eyes are on my manly-man chest, then darts left & right on my nipples, then drops a little to my six-pack stomachOK OK I lie, but you get the point. She’s very rarely seen me topless; only when we go swimming but even then she is too busy splashing & have not needed to face me directly like this.

At this time my mind races to plan the next steps. [ OK, while she ngg-ngg's, I will dash back into the shower to finish off, hopefully by the time I towel off, she'd be done, then I can rinse her off (at least I'd be dry), get her pants back on, & usher her outta here for my quick getting-dressed too ]

Which I did (dash back into the shower & close the screen). But of course you already know things didn’t pan out that way. She was done before I was.

“Daddee I have finished!” And proceeds to slowly climb down from the toilet.

Yikes. “Daddee’s not finished yet, can you wait for Daddee a little while longer?”

“Okaaaayyyy….” Along with the toddler-toilet-seat, we also got her a small step stool for her to easily get on & off the toilet. It also doubles up as a small stool to sit /semi-squat on if one needs to wash stuff on the floor.

I can see this through the translucent screen: She pulls up this stool, positions it facing squarely at the shower screen door, & sits legs closed hands on her lap, as if posing for a portrait. Except she is naked waist down, waiting for Daddee as instructed. There is no escape for this butt-naked Daddee now.

As discretely & swiftly as I could, I slide the door open just wide enough for me to reach my towel on the rack near the door. You guessed it, her gaze drops trying to steal a peek at my nether regions; to the extent she leans to the side for a better view.

I feel so dirty.

On this issue of whether one’s kid(s) should see the parents naked, I for one am not sure where I stand on this, or whether it should be tackled at all- ie, just NEVER appear nude at all in front of the kids, regardless of gender of the exposer and the exposee.

I know my elder brother, for example, have showered, or at least appeared nude infront of at least one of his kids when they were toddlers.

I have also heard of dads who bathe together with the kids in, say, the bathtub, again while they were toddlers. I know this because there were jokes where the toddler, probably still at the not-speaking age yet, picking at the dad’s pubes.

What is your take on this issue? Do you strut around naked infront of your kid? Not be so uptight about being walked-in? Bathe with the little man / woman?


I wish my work only involved colour pencils…

Originally posted 2008-05-06 14:53:59.

Happy to report that Caitlin’s colouring (ie, her motor skills with the pencil) has been improving steadily. She has been getting at least one star-rating from her homework from her teacher; who, earlier this year, was telling us that her motor skills was lacking.

Incidentally, it is coming to that time of the year again, where the roads will be clearer, parents go on leave from work in droves, shopping centres more crowded than usual, and another parent-teacher meeting scheduled- later this month (of May).

Naturally, I’d be curious to see how our little girl has progressed these last few months. I am the more relaxed parent, especially when it comes to a 3+ year old’s school progress, but Hot Mummee seems to be putting the pressure on the little angel; I don’t quite agree that this is appropriate for this level of education nor at this age… Was that a hint of some domestic issues??

Anyway, did you know that “J” is for jacket?
A yellow, red, blue, purple, with an orange starred jacket, at that ;)


Bullying in preschool!

Originally posted 2008-05-10 12:36:27.

This had to happen at some point during the parenting journey; at least that’s been my view. I just never thought it was going to be so soon!

I came home from work last night and greeted my inlaws and Caitlin.

Hi Caitlin! How’s school today; any homework?

No… OH Daddee, (something to report) today, in school, a boy hit me….

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Grown some more

Originally posted 2010-04-02 10:58:48.

This was no April Fool’s joke!

This morning in the car ride she’s reminded me that a couple of her teeth now feel wobbly..

I am happy that she is growing, but at the same time I don’t want her to!

“So How Would You Change Your Lifestyle, People?”

Originally posted 2008-06-12 11:02:26.

I was tagged by Moomykin with this interesting one….

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The tongue

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Chinese names for babies..

Originally posted 2008-01-14 20:59:44.

A quick look at my Google analytics showed that there were some searches on baby names.

I do actually have stories or rationale in choosing the Chinese names for Caitlin and Caleb. But as with the privacy concerns on having such a public blog, I have never wanted to share their fullnames nor put up clearly identifiable pictures of my subjects; be it my kids, immediate or extended family members.

But I still do want to share the meanings behind their names, cos I do like them :)

With my siblings and I, my mum named us with the same middle name and a different third name.

So since my surname is Low, my siblings and I are named in the following fashion:

Surname Chinese name

At least as far as the respective genders go. My sisters were also similarly named, but with different AAA from the boys.

So, similarly with Caitlin and Caleb now, their Chinese names are in similar fashion.

Again, just like with their older cousins, my mum chose the calligraphy Chinese names for my kids as well.

For the AAA part of their names, mum’s chosen a character which means wisdom (just like Daddee’s but a different character :) It’s quite a unique name and a rarely used character in everyday language; one that we are wondering if the school teachers would even know when they start schooling!

For the second part (the XXX), for Caitlin, she chose one that describes clear skies (clarity, pure) qing.jpg. Chinese speaking readers would immediately know this character. For Caleb, it’s one that already used by his cousins. It’s one that describes the solar sun; in fact it is the same character for the sun…. at least I think that’s the character- I gotta check with mum to confirm!

But the one of the criteria Mummee and I had was that their names had to be easily exclaimed. Parents who holler at their kids for whatever reasons (“COME HERE and finish your dinner!!”) will know what I mean!

For my generation the spelling of our names were based on how they were pronounced in our own dialect (which is Hokkien or Fujian). For the next generation kids, we’ve started spelling them using pinyin, which I personally think is a lot cooler, especially with the use of letters “X” and “Q” in their initials ;)

More general information on Chinese characters, pinyin, and naming suggestions.

Interestingly enough too, that the naming “convention” or nomenclature in our culture is such that one’s name cannot take on the same calligraphy character of an elder. I don’t think this is perpetual, meaning there is some limit or cap to the number of generations before, before the name can be used again- gotta check with my mum on this too. This was highlighted when she was cracking her head thinking of names, and ruling out those due to the above “limitation”.