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Update April 2011

This blog will have two sections to it- and both are related to my experience at fatherhood, and as a corporate/working parent.

This blog was originally set up to journal my “quest” in parenting. But as a working/corporate father I had also wanted to document that aspect of my journey too :)

I hope you enjoy reading :)


daddee & C

Yes, “daddy” was the first word Caitlin uttered. How proud it made this new daddy feel! Since then whenever she seeks my attention, it has been “daddy yah…”
Caitlin was born in November 2004.

January 2008 update

Caitlin now also has a little brother, Caleb, born in Jan 2008.


This site is devoted to parenting, not necessarily just from an involved father’s point of view! It is a collection of my own experience & gathered knowledge on all things related to parenting: must-have baby gear, medical & medicinal knowledge (& hopefully regular contributions from the pediatrician in the family), musings of the day, etc.

The idea of this site came from my ongoing “quest” to be my best at parenting. It started when it dawned on me that I was becoming a father. It’s one thing to be an uncle to nieces & nephews, but being a father is a whole new world of responsibilities.

Contributions & feedback are welcome, not just from parents but all who have experiences & knowledge on the lifelong journey.


Photos on this blog

Unless otherwise stated with a caption, all photos are from my own “stock”.

The header / banner photo was taken at Dr Pixie’s dining table, when one of us had a birthday party there. I can’t recall who made the cake, but it was her kids & other nieces of mine who decorated it. I thought it was apt to use a photo from that family event as the visual theme for this blog.

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  1. Your twitter link is broken. Others can’t follow ya.

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