Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

Yes, we are due for another come mid-January.

I think we have an appointment this coming week for our regular check-up, where we’d be able to scan & (hopefully) tell the sex of child #2.

While I have really enjoyed fathering a daughter, I do think I’d like a son as well; even though almost everyone I know who have boys have grumbled how difficult their son(s) can be / have been. I have a colleague who chooses to stay out late after work to avoid his son! To be fair, he hangs out in Starbucks using their free wifi for work, because he says there’d be no way he’d get any work done at home.

In some ways, even though I have a daughter, I tend to agree about not being able to get work done, too.

In a lot of ways I think mischief, whilst painful during, is an underlying trait or a symptom of curiosity & wanting to try new things. Frankly I have seen young adults who were considered timid (& thus “a good boy”) but whom are now afraid of the world.

So let’s see which happens first: That I bald faster or that I grey first.


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