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Finally, over the weekend we decided to do something as a family, a semi adventure for Caitlin too. We went to Genting Highlands.

Specifically we went to the outdoor theme park, seeing as Caitlin’s been to the indoor one when her aunt was back for holidays not-too-distant-memory ago- even for a toddler. This time it was with Daddee and Mummee, and (maternal) grand parents came along too.

We left on Saturday morning, with Caitlin falling asleep midway. I think it was a good thing given the windy road may actually have made her nauseous; I certainly felt a little quesy myself. Goes to show how Hot Mummee drives!

So we arrived, and lucky to find an outdoor parking spot a stone’s throw from the park’s entry. This, on a long weekend, was a surprise. The last time I was there was likely just after Caitlin was born. I went with my siblings and their kids, and I recall we parked in the indoor multi-storey parking, and that was on a regular weekend. But this round though, I did notice there were signs saying all the hotels were booked out.

So in we went, Caitlin, Hot Mumme and I, with the grandparents staying out; who subsequently found and enjoyed a buffet lunch at senior citizens’ rates! They said they stayed in there for over 3 hours!

Caitlin managed to get on the merry-go-around (as she calls it) and the ferris wheel; where Daddee found out that unlike Hot Mummee, and the Daddee’s girl that she is, Caitlin isn’t afraid of heights. Heh heh… We wowed at how much we can see, how far we can see, and where Hot Mummee was queueing….

Okay I gotta qualify that Hot Mummee didn’t hesitate to get on the Space Shot all by herself, much to my surprise. It’s just that for as long as I have known her, she didn’t seem like the theme-park roller-coater semi-groupie that I and my siblings kind of are. If I was in a park with such a ride, I would be on the queue already. The Space Shot is one of those vertical rides that is high enough to drop you free-falling! Loved it the last time I rode it!

Thus she was queueing alone. From the ferris wheel I was gesturing to Mummee to go for the seats that are facing the hillside (this ride is constructed on top of a small- maybe 20 feet hill), so as to get a higher sensation.

She did, and didn’t stop talking about the ride for 30 minutes! “Quite BAD!” were her first words after getting off!

From the ferris wheel too I could see there were bumper cars for toddlers. That’s where we went after that, telling Caitlin about it. She was so keen that she was able to drive a car…

But as soon as the power came on, and the other kids started driving and bumping into her, I guess she kinda semi-freaked, and froze like this throughout the whole time the power was on….

As you can see she was already 180 degree rotated, after a few attempts to drive, and also being bumped by other kids!

She didn’t scream of fright or anything; I guess it just wasn’t what she had expected. It was all good though after it ended, she was just glad to be out of there.

So we moved on to other rides of similar nature. This one in particular, I guess is the kids version of the Space Shot.

It went up, dropped a little and bounced up, dropped a little and bounced up, dropped… you get the idea. Obviously wasn’t a free fall! For some reason Caitlin was the only one in the queue, so the operator let her go as many times as she liked! Which was 3 times in all! At the end of the day when we were making our way back to the exit, Caitlin got on it again, and again for 3 times!

There were variations of the merry-go-round: shaped like planes, shaped like boats etc. She went on some alone, others with Hot Mummee…

It was a good day had by all, and Caitlin’s asking to go again already the next morning!


  1. Wow! What a smashing weekend!

    So glad you guys had fun, especially Caitlin and her space shot ride. :) I wonder if Micah would have dared going up on his own.

    will have to wait and see when it’ll be our turn to have some fun up on this knoll. :)

    Moomykins last blog post..Sarongs and Labor of Love

  2. Daddee
    9:42 AM on May 21st, 2008

    I am actually contemplating taking a day off in the coming school holidays to repeat this Day of Fun with her. She really did have a ball, and perhaps this time I will bring my video camera too…

    Don’t know, still mulling over this idea… would you guys be keen too?

    Anyone else?

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  4. Sounds great…but when is school holidays? Sorry, but we have no one in school at the moment, so we are totally blur about school terms and exams, etc.

    We have a few things hanging in the air but no dates set, so I’m kinda in limbo…

    It’ll be great if we could have a few people, eh? Been a while since my boys got up to the mountains.

    Moomykins last blog post..Sarongs and Labor of Love

  5. Daddee
    9:31 PM on May 21st, 2008

    School holidays start this weekend till 8th June, at least that’s for Caitlin’s preschool.

    After reading Ann’s post, I am kinda also tempted to visit PD! Seeing as Caitlin’s not been to the beach ever before.

    Nothing concrete planned yet…

  6. Ann
    8:07 AM on May 22nd, 2008

    oh….what fun ! I think for boys, their take on the rides and all that may be different! Esp the bumper cars…bet boys will bump and ride like mad people! :)

    Anns last blog post..Port Dickson Foodies

  7. Daddee
    11:14 PM on May 22nd, 2008

    Well, you are right!

    There was this boy who bumped into her and then stared to see what her reaction was. No reaction, as you can see in the photo! Just spaced out!

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