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Caitlin knows her Mandarin counting from 1 – 10, audibly. As in, she can cite it. But give her a break, thus far it’s only in ascending order :)

She also knows her roman numbers already (or do I mean gregorian?? You know- the numbers on your keyboard); proved herself repeatedly in the lift and (since then) any other places now.

Come time to teach her the Chinese calligraphy of 1 – 10, we stumble.

She can point from 1 – 10 and cite them. Jump in randomly pointing at any calligraphy-number with “What’s this?” and she stumbles.

If they are written in ascending order, and if she knows that they are, she can sometimes get by.

How? She cheats.

It’s quite funny watching a 4 year old citing something in their head, and visually counting without fingers, matching the citing and jump/skipping eye-counting!

At least she thought of that herself!


  1. Yeah, give her a break.

    It takes a while to recognise Chinese characters.
    My boys are completely clueless, and right now we are not even fussing over it.

  2. Daddee
    2:08 PM on March 22nd, 2009

    Haha.. I just reread the whole thing and realised we seem to put pressure on her!

    We try not to, just hope that she is coping with what is taught in school…