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School kids nationwide are on holidays from this weekend on.

Caitlin has some holiday homework to do for the week off school, from (as far as I can see- gotta check her bag/books) 3 subjects of English, Malay and Chinese. Each of them have a date on the homework pages for respective dates of the week- yes, the teachers are pacing the kids so that they have homework each of the holidays.

Hot Mummee and I are of the opinion that Caitlin, whilst it’s a lazy-ish Saturday afternoon, that she can do as much of them as she can, even to have them all completed. Caitlin on the other hand, quite vehemently objects, saying that she should follow the pace that the teachers have set, to listen to what the teachers have told the class.

HM herself thinks that Caitlin is just being lazy, whereas I was seated beside her surfing whilst she was quite happily completing the homework that was set for the first few days- so I know she isn’t lazy per se.

What would you do? I kinda respect Caitlin’s respect for what the teachers have said, despite also somewhat agreeing with HM’s rationale to complete her homework early in the holidays.

Holiday homework


  1. Some things require more motivation!
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  2. Biuye
    12:37 PM on August 24th, 2009

    I honestly don’t think Caitlin is lazy on this. At that age, a teacher’s instruction dictates their world. To her she was doing what she was told. Perhaps if it was explained to her that the teacher has given her homework to keep her at pace with her progress but she can opt to finish ALL of her homework and that would free up her time to embrace her other interests, she might view it differently. At least she can then make up her own mind on what her options are. She is very bright you know.

  3. Daddee
    11:16 PM on August 25th, 2009

    She had in fact made up her mind, and that is to listen to the teachers’ instructions (and rightly so). It was really only through Mummee and Daddee’s nagging that she did a little more than was required of her for that day!

    Like I said, I do respect her respect for the teachers. I cringe at kids who disobey teachers, going down the path of “bad kids in school”. Sure, you can question what is being taught but not question the authority.