Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world


Hot Mummee is here now with me. She has also since found a pretty good job.

Caitlin is here now with us too, and started schooling this year.

We are now in the subsequent phase of setting up a “proper” home i.e. a house we can call our own.

As you can imagine we’d wanna make this decision carefully, in terms of the location and also the type of house on the property. Suffice to say that that involved, and still does involve, a heck of a lot of running around, checking out places, meeting people.

We are fortunate that Caitlin is quite well behaved and patient while we are having long meetings talking to these various folks. She initially started out occupying herself with my iPhone, but soon as school progressed, she started reading, and enjoy reading her school books at these meetings.

But it is because of these things we have to still do that we have opted not to have Caleb with us as yet. Caitlin is starting to be quite independent but I doubt we would be able to do as much as we can if he was around.

That sounded bad.

We do miss him dearly, and he has already made a visit once this year. That was a nice reunion and especially so for him with his dear sister.

That is our impetus- pressure, to get things moving and sorted and settled as soon as we can, whilst making sure that the decisions we make about our permanent home is the right one, for us, for the kids.

On our way to school one rainy morning…