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Short post, from memory…

There was once an event at Grandma’s church. I think Grandma had to volunteer at this event, and Caitlin, her uncle and I were left in the hall waiting for her to join us. It was a rather big crowd there too. Caitlin must have been only about 3 or younger then. I think she hadn’t even started pre-school yet then.

We were seated on a long flowerbox or something. Soon after an older girl, perhaps 5 years old, came to the flowerbox near us. She took out a colouring book and colour pencils from her backpack and started colouring it. Caitlin, being always curious of other kids at that age, was watching this older girl. The girl knew it, and I guess she was also showing off her wares.

Caitlin started getting bored, and we weren’t prepared for this long wait- could have brought some toy or something to occupy her (I didn’t have an iPhone of games then either). So I went to the car to retrieve my small notepad and a pen; thought to teach her how to master holding a pen or even start writing. I really did not have anything for her.

She started doodling in it. Up and down strokes. It was quite pathetic really, given the situation we were in at the hall bored out of our minds, and the girl near us enjoying herself in full view of Caitlin, with her up-down strokes of blue ink in a small pocket-shirt sized lined notepad.

“That’s not nice” said the girl about Caitlin’s doodling. Caitlin was stumped, perhaps even hurt. For a 3 year old she didn’t know how to react. She just looked at me.

I guess this was also my first incident of someone else teasing my child, even if it’s verbal.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“I am 5 years old”, she said, without looking up from her colouring.

“Well, my daughter is only 3, and she can already hold a pencil properly. Could you do that when you were 3 years old?”

She didn’t answer me.

“No, I didn’t think you could.”


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  1. Aww…isn’t that a bit harsh? She’s also a little girl with (or without) a Daddy. Imagine how you would feel if her Daddy did that to Caitlin? If I were that little girl’s Mummy, you can bet I have a word or two for you :D

    5 – 6 year olds are little show offs especially around their younger siblings!

    They are also developing more confidence in the basic skills of reading, writing and etc. Also, she’s not being rude by not looking up, ok? She’s concentrating.

    Next time, you could try: “That’s not a nice thing to say. She’s only 3 years old. You are 5. Why don’t you show her how to draw? She doesn’t have her colour pencils with her. She’s only got my (crummy) pen…”.

    If she allows, then praise her, “Wow, you’re such a generous girl. Good job!” Hehehe, I learned a lot from preschool teachers ;-)