Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

That’s what I said to Caitlin tonight, just around dinner time.

I went to pick her up today from school; grand parents are away on overseas holiday and I was the logical choice for this privilege. Before Caitlin came out one of the teachers greeted me with “Caitlin was good in gym today”. Oh yeah? I thought, not really sure what she meant. Out came Caitlin accompanied by her class teacher, who immediately started saying words like “I had wanted to call you”, “But Caitlin said no need; Daddee is picking me up today..”

I wasn’t really paying attention to her cos I had just seen Caitlin. My immediate thought was: That looks like dried nosebleed, between her nose and bottom lip. Why hasn’t anyone wiped it away?? But soon, it became clearer what had happened, when more teacher-words were heard.

“Gym class”, “spider-walk”, “Caitlin was looking sideways at a friend”, “slipped”, “hit the pavement with face”.

I kneeled down for better look. My baby looked so pitiful; she had certainly been crying- gym class is quite early in her day and it was already end of school now. I looked closer, it all looked superficial. I couldn’t tell what had happened to her lower lip- there was dried peeled skin at both corners but the middle didn’t really looked chaffed. What was dried-blood-coloured I guessed is abrasion-bruising.

More teacher-words: “Lucky didn’t hit her teeth..” which I confirmed was so, upon closer inspection and talking to Caitlin.

We then proceeded with the plans for the day. I was held up at a meeting and was late to get lunch first before picking her, so she had to tag along while I did that. Poor kid just wasn’t in the mood for anything. When I eventually found a park near the shops, she asked if she could play some iPhone games in the car. Trusting her from previous experience, I agreed and she locked the doors promising not to touch the gearstick.

I should have known better to get something other than what she asked for: Soupy noodles. Hot soupy noodles that would only aggravate her bruised lips.

At home I made sure I threw away most of the soup, leaving only enough that it is still a soupy noodle. Had the ceiling fan on high, and at least she still enjoyed it, slowly.

In all, things were back on schedule despite my mad rush back from KLIA to pick her and lunch. The tuition teacher came, and they proceeded as planned.

After class she lazed around. I had planned on going to exchange the window contact sheet I bought yesterday from Ace hardware for another design (my parents’ new place has glazed shower windows that are still quite SEE THROUGH, especially at night) and insisted she completed whatever homework she has first. That wasn’t a bad experience; luckily her mood had somewhat improved. Probably cos she knew we were gonna go out soon. She loves malls!

Back at my parents’, before dinner she had wanted to cycle for a little while. This being the only time she could cos the ‘cycles are at my parents’ because of the bigger space they have. When dinner was ready, I went out to call the kids back in. Turned my back and I hear a yelp following by crying. Caitlin’s bicycle was toppled over and she was hands and knees over it. Apparently she had fallen cheek-to-handle contact, close to the gym-class bruise site.

I checked, I think it may bruise a little too.

After dinner she helped to unwrap the contact sheet packaging. Instead of just splitting the end and pulling out the roll at the top, she slide her finger along the length of the hard plastic. Yup, she got an equivalent of a papercut.

Now I think that teacher was trying to play down the extent of the “damage”.

Certainly not a good day at all. Throughout, she was exhibiting a sigh-roll-eyes body language, as close as what a 6 year old could muster.

So last weekend the kids’ uncle was participating in an event / launch that was conducted in Times Square’s theme park.

I had not been inside before despite it being opened for years now, boasting the world’s largest indoor roller coaster. So what better opportune to bring the kids along.

We got there, saw and greeted kau-foo, got the free passes, and disappeared! How rude!

One of the rides that Caitlin had eagerly wanted to try was the bumper car. She had tried this once before when we went to Genting Highlands; where she froze upon the cars starting and other riders started to bump into her (read it here).

This time however, I guess she knew the objective of the ride, and wasn’t too miffed about being bumped into as much. However, whilst driving she was actually avoiding everyone as much as she could! I guess this was her first driving lesson, and not a bad one at that- I was watching her and she was avoiding “cars” quite well :)

Little brother Caleb however, I guess was going through what his jie-jie was going through on her first time. He wasn’t sure what to make of this. I could see he was hanging on (but not for dear life, probably cos he doesn’t know what to worry!) and looking everywhere. Perhaps he was getting motion sickness in that he wasn’t in control of the direction, and also the jerking whiplash stop-starting of the car.

When jie-jie wanted to go on it again, he opted out :) So we went on the train ride again :)

I think in all she went like 4 times :)