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Kids and iDevices

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Short post, this one… I have owned an iPhone since the 3G model (and don’t get me started on how I lost that one); using the 3GS now. Caitlin has always been “using” it for the simple games I have … Continue reading

Caitlin’s handicraft at home

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“Oh, I forgot to draw the on/off button!”

Get out and push!

Quite early on I had explained to Caitlin what fuel means to a car.

“It’s like food to the car; it needs energy to keep going. No petrol, and the car will not work anymore…” and somewhere along the way I had also shown her the low-fuel warning light that comes on.

Sometime last week, when it was just the two of us in the car, the light came on. She noticed, and we started talking about what to do.

“You’d have to get out and push,” I told Caitlin, “‘cos you don’t know how to steer, whereas I do.”

That was my logic, and after a lot of protest she kinda saw that logic, even though she was more concerned about the fact of pushing, than about whether it was even a viable option!

“But I know how to steer! Why don’t YOU go and push?”

“How do you know how to steer??”

“Remember this trip?” She asked…

… where in fact she did steer the car around the mall. In theory, she did steer around.

“Ya; but this is a bigger car, and you don’t know how to steer a bigger car…”


We managed to get to where we were going, and that was it.

Last night when we were on the way home from Grandma’s, with Caleb and the helper also in the car, the light came on again.

She leans in and whispers, “Maybe we can get kakak and di-di to push, and you and I can steer ….”

Caleb the surgeon…

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Brain? Heart? Plastic? This was from Caitlin’s doctor’s set