Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

That’s what the kids call it.

My camera and iPhone can take videos- videos of them, generally, on the bike, monkeying around, trying to capture their growing years. Often I’d play it back for them on my laptop- they do like to see themselves in action, over and over again. I think somehow along the way, in their own respective years and development, they’ve grasped the idea that these are recorded images of themselves, and others- moving pictures of people of past events, captured and able to playback.

Folks would know that I have been away from home for a few weeks. I have been using Skype to video-chat keep in touch with Mummee, and generally remind the kids that they still have a Daddee, and that Daddee really really misses them.

Caitlin has used this “service” before, when Mummee was away. This time she and I would chat quite happily after she gets over giggling that Daddee is now inside a small box on Mummee’s computer screen.

It would be a wonder for Caleb, however, that suddenly Daddee, in these moving pictures of him (albeit only a headshot of him) is suddenly able to respond!

Aren’t these moving pictures supposedly a captured series of past events? How is it that Daddee is able to talk to Mummee, jie-jie, and I?? I remember Daddee saying bye-bye, and now he’s suddenly trapped inside this small box? Inside Mummee’s computer??

He does say “Hello Daddee”, as per instructed by Mummee. And I’d respond “Hello Caleb”. We’d be doing this repeatedly, because, well, he doesn’t really have much to report unlike his jie-jie. No- he did try to tell me once over video-chat that he fell and hit his head….

Now, I am wondering if the next time he sees more moving pictures on my laptop, that he’d try and get the attention of the people inside…