Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

If it weren’t for the plastic teapot that gives it away, you’d think (I hope) that he was going through and making notes of some of the white papers I had printed to read.


As one of the *good examples of Caitlin as the jie-jie is setting, Caleb has also taken an interest in doodling too. No that anything he’s “drawn” makes sense, but at least he’s getting the hang of holding a pencil.

Gotta watch him though, I have once caught him putting and chewing a red color pencil in his mouth. I had to warn the others in the house in case they Caleb has a bloody mouth! But I was pretty crossed with him.

*There are quite many which are bad examples set by the older sister, by the way.

Yup- it’s already going to be Friday already tomorrow.

Took today and Friday off from work, just to “do stuff” with Caitlin. All week so far she’s been holed up in the apartment with Hot Mummee working from home, and really working. Poor kids haven’t been outdoors at all for some 72 hours or so earlier in the week.

Today I took Caitlin for a long-awaited swim. Long, cos as you know she’s not been well, and then there was the hazy spell. Not surprisingly it was a good fun-time in the sun; we both got a slight but much needed tan from it. She hasn’t forgotten what she’s learnt from the pool- not that I had taught her a lot, but she still managed to paddle from the ends of the pool to the other, still with her floaties of course.

Later in the day I had wanted her to catch some shuteye before the replacement art class- again, replacement from when she was down with fever, but she won’t have it. 35min before the class was to start, this is what happened- I reckon she had only dozed off 5 minutes before I snapped this.

Who refused the catnap?

I still woke her up though, partly cos I was “selfish” and wanted her to still attend this cos, after all its paid for. But partly also I know (hoped?) she would still enjoy it.

Woke her, asked if she still wanted to go.

Rubbing her eyes, “Yes….”

When I signed her up for this replacement class last week, I had noticed that this session, being on a Thursday afternoon, only had 4 names. Today, she was the only one who turned up.

So, given the undivided attention, when I went to get Caitlin at the end of the class the teacher told me that because she was the only one, they had finished one, and resumed to make another :)

Not one but two!

So for tomorrow, Friday, I was thinking I’d bring her to go watch Up. Let’s hope the plan goes well; cos I have a feeling somehow it won’t….


Well, we managed to catch the movie Up.

As usual Caitlin didn’t catch her afternoon nap. I had to force her to lie down with the threat of no-movie if she didn’t try. As the protesting died down because she eventually dozed off, I snuck out to get the tickets in order to maximise her shut-eye time, waking her only at the last minute.

As I woke her, it crossed my mind that she may want to continue sleeping as she normally does when awoken “prematurely”, ending up being a grump for about 30 minutes. Waking her, I popped the make-or-break question: Do you wanna go for the movie (or not)? It was quite the waker-upper question- we were on time and all for the movie.

To my slight disappointment, being her third ever movie outing, she still asked “Is it finishing yet?” some 3/4 way into the movie. She is still obviously not mature enough to follow a storyline yet the first time (meaning she’s gotta be watching a movie repeatedly like on a DVD before somewhat understanding what’s going on.

Ah well, at least she did go to a cinema and catch this movie, after months of requesting we do each time we drive past the poster on the highway every morning.

Caitlin had fever on Sunday.

So she didn’t attend her 1st session of her art class (actually it would be her 2nd session, they allowed her a trial session last weekend to assess her: behaviour, “standard” of her skills like drawing & painting, etc, to decide which level / class to put her). We decided to let her try out these art classes to see how she goes with her keen interest in drawing and colouring.

So she stayed at home, despite very much looking forward to attending it. Sometimes she is such a darling with her “okaaay” when we explain how she can’t do something she really wants to.

Tried my best to keep her occupied, though she had already planned on an activity- to cook herself some soup.

ABC soup no less. Locals cook this with the most basic of ingredients: Tomato, onions, potatos.

She had wanted to add some beans too, and I insisted we added some peas too though she doesn’t really like them in real life.

In case you can’t tell, there’s the stove, the pot, and the ingredients. I helped her staple the ring to make up the pot :)

Yes, she is handling a pair of scissors. She started using them last year before turning 4 without my knowledge, to make things. Touch-wood she hasn’t hurt herself yet so far, and under my watchful eye since (when I do see her use it) she’s been quite okay with them. Let’s hope she remembers to keep them from her younger brother though.

I have this really old and (therefore) oversized tank top; probably got it from Petaling Street many years ago.

I wear it to bed, and sometimes don’t change out of it, and even go out getting take away lunch- it gets hot okay! Besides I am only going to get hawker-food lunch, nothing fancy (as long as HM isn’t with me she won’t get embarrassed).

Yesterday that was what I did. Came home and sat beside Caitlin to lunch together

She says to me, “Daddee, don’t wear that again” and gazed at the arm(pit) hole.

“Why not?”

“I can see things..

The only times Caitlin sees me topless is when we go swimming. And even then she sometimes catches glimpses of the things when I hold her in the water- she doesn’t see me topless and my things often.

And I haven’t exactly been in the best shape these years. Now I have really scarred her for life, with my man-boobs.

It’s hard looking for tank tops now, the cheap Petaling Street type. The ones I managed to find the last time are kinda fitting and thick, defeating the purpose of wearing something light when it’s hot. But I guess I have a young lady in the house now, and I gotta respect her wish.

It still gets hot though… and it’s about time I do something about the man-boobs and tyres.

Nope- no photos with this post. Don’t wanna scar you even this late in your life…

Woken by the kids, got them some morning snacks, and since it wasn’t too sunny and hot….

Luckily for everyone, Caleb actually likes to push from behind. But it won’t be long though, before he’d be wanting to ride.

Yes, they were still in their jammies. It’s Sunday okay- give us parents a break!

Evening came and it was time to get ready for bed.

Caleb can express his hunger quite audibly / comprehensibly now, by telling us “nan-nan”.

As you can see he’s quite comfortable on the beanbag. Quite a relief for all of us, since we don’t always have to be watching him when he feeds now.

Caitlin, on the other hand, was being rather cheeky about bedtime. Calls to her to go clean her teeth went unanswered.

We found her like this.

Now that’s one way of getting out of doing something. I gotta try that with Hot Mummee one day….