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With a lack of toys and an abundance of imagination, Caitlin has had to improvise and make pretend toys to spend (some of) her days. Yes I am a pathetic parent letting my kid endure this.

Her “skills” in improvising seems to have extended into her homework.

See, they are teaching her “long” vowels, like school, food, or, feel, reel, and using a different coloured pencil for these vowels.

You guessed it. In her homework she had decided to first write the letters of the same pencil, and then literally fill in the blanks with the coloured pencil for the vowels.

I guess it gets the job done, I just hope that she will still end up learning the actual word and not finding more efficient ways to complete her writing!

No, I didn’t tell Hot Mummee about this… She may well get Caitlin to redo the whole thing!


  1. Biuye
    4:29 PM on July 29th, 2009

    Read your tweet, I will not categorize it as cheating. HM has been telling me how imaginative Caitlin is so I am not surprised by this ~ writing her vowels in different colours, she probably remembers them better. Why don’t you check with Caitlin and let her confirm why she is doing so rather than letting it amble through your head. Moreover, she does take after you in the imagination arena and as HM says she herself is “hopeless” Caitlin is very mature for her age and that makes it easy to communicate with her.

  2. Erm… Actually, I would do the same too…

    But if she is sounding the “sound of the letters” aloud, she is learning as well, so no need to be too strict, huh?
    .-= Moomykin´s last blog ..Catching Up Fast =-.

  3. Ann
    6:55 AM on August 4th, 2009

    Well…..they learn sooner or later…..let them have fun while it lasts!
    .-= Ann´s last blog ..A short update =-.