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The passing of Michael Jackson. It didn’t really hit me much when I heard this news- I was driving to work in traffic when it came on the radio. After all he’s been out of the limelight in recent years, only within the last few months that he’d announced a comeback with (kick-off?) concerts in London.

It only hit me when the radio stations started playing tribute to him by airing a lot of his music.

When Beat It and Biliie Jean was all the rage, I remember it was also the time when there was this controversy over the song Maniac from Flashdance’s soundtrack, and my introduction to the word “lucah” (obscene). Being the young’un I was then, I was more fascinated / engrossed in MJ’s music and his wow-ness and not really understanding / didn’t yet have the hormones over what the fuss was about with that other discussion in the local media.

I recall there being a behind-the-scenes show as a run up to that year’s (was it 1983?) Grammy Awards where it also included the full clips of Billie Jean and Beat It, Every Breath You Take, and Maniac too; and where the tv station “apologised” over the obscenity of that Maniac song by re-airing that program censoring Maniac. I also remember reading a letter-to-the-editor citing the lyrics being so inappropriate, in a local newspaper.

How times have changed.

Being the only child left at home with all older siblings overseas, and that there was no real entertainment at home after school (local programs stank), that run up show was all I watched, on tape. I was never into the Chinese serials that my parents watched; nor were they the type that “chased” new episodes as soon as they arrive on our shores.

I made my group of friends in very junior local high school learn the Thriller dance moves because I wanted to perform at the school concert / dance. It never happened, because the teachers couldn’t (wouldn’t?) fit me in on their program for the night. Nonetheless, I had already studied and coached the guys the whole music video’s moves.

I would be so embarrassed of myself now, about myself then…

I also recall how the media and industry were pitching MJ against Prince and the Revolution; the same time when DeBarge and other high pitched wannabe’s came on the music scene. MJ was still the man though, even with high pitch he had gusto in his voice. The others were just “soft” singing.

I never liked Prince. Mainly cos he was the bad boy and I had always wanted to be the good boy in the adults’ eyes. His image was also kinda weird for me; puffy shirts and floral references. The girls in school loved him though, as girls do with badboys- it’s probably because I didnt like him that the girl whom I had a crush on didn’t like me.

Stupid Prince.

I also recall how my Bahasa teacher said MJ was a pondan, and how I felt like there were ants in my pants then, because I liked MJ EXCUSE ME HE’S DE MAN YA BALDING OLD MAN WHO DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC.

I was already in a boarding school in Australia when Bad came out…. “.. Your butt is mine..”?? Huh?

Wait a sec, is that MJ?? But this guy’s white! It’s from here on that I wasn’t into him anymore.

But the memories of Ben, Off the wall, “I say you wanna be startin’ somethin'”, human nature all bring back childhood memories. We used to huddle around sitting on the floor of our old house watching the Jackson 5.

“.. just call my name, and I’ll be there….”

Oh, and not forgetting “We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving….”

How did I spend it?

Father’s Day isn’t really a big thing in my own family, but it is a little bigger in Hot Mummee’s (not a major thing, just bigger than mine).

Since we usually spend our weekends at my parents’ place (my kids rarely get to see them during the week), today we had dinner at HM’s with steamed and fried crab, along with some other yummy foods. But the highlight was a inhouse photo session earlier in the afternoon at my parents’.

I think I have shared before that my older brother has been bitten by the photography bug since just before Caleb was born, which means it’s been about 18-19 months now that he’s really been into photography. He’s taken a lot great shots while professing that he’s still got lots to learn. He’s also shared before that he should have started this hobby years ago, cos he’s lost all those opportune times of shooting his own kids as they were growing.

So, whenever the opportunity arises, he’d like to help me shoot my kids; since I don’t have the (finances!) gear that really snaps really good photos. He’s also been investing in flashes, and have started experimenting with mood-creations by playing with the different lighting conditions.

Such was this afternoon’s highlight. HM was out at the hair salon, the helper was at our places doing the weekly clean, and I was left doing all of: Looking after the 2 kids, help directing Caitlin in the photo shoots, holding the (remote) camera flashes or reflectors to get good light, making sure Caleb wasn’t in the way / in the shots / annoying his uncle, and getting fed!

These are two of what he’s taken. I have the rest put away as timeless treasures now.



That sewing machine, mum had only mentioned this afternoon that one of the mechanisms had lasted over 50 years, before it needed replacing, and the new part didn’t even last a year. The same was for the “belt” that is attached from the foot pedal, that turns that wheel you see, which drives the sewing needle.

Yes, she’s had that for over 50 years. Her mum had taught her how to sew, and my mum’s first “job” was actually sewing, when she was only reaching her early teens (she didn’t go on to secondary school).

You can just hear the moans from all the kids around Malaysia this Monday morning, Caitlin’s included.

I had taken June 8, 9, and 10 off to do something with her, those days (already) being the 2nd week of her 2-week school break. Due to some urgency of needing to quickly setup some stock trading accounts, Hot Mummee and I, instead, were in Singapore on Monday and Tuesday. Thinking I could then make it up to Caitlin on Wednesday, she developed a fever. Luckily by Thursday it had subsided, and Friday she was fine.

So on Saturday, we all went up to the Genting Highlands again, seeing as it was gonna only be a daytrip to anywhere at all. We did initially think about going away a few days… but logistics with a 1-year old and other factors kinda dampened that spirit!

Naturally, this was already the second time we took Caitlin there (her 3rd visit, actually. First one was when Yee-Yee was in town when she was probably 2+). She was already gearing to ride that “up-down”up-down” ride again. But either this Daddee was getting a bit old and slow or that this Daddee through the years have become wiser (at least about the weather!) that I decided we should try out the indoor theme park instead. :)

Her first reactions from only 2 rides “Why is this so slow??” Daddee is kinda glad that Caitlin has his genes. HM’s not into rides and would very likely not join us when the kids are in their teens to venture on rollercoasters- we no doubt we would be “graduating” to bigger and better rides as the kids grow!

Anyway, it did rain outside, so it was just as well we were indoors. Really, the only 2 rides that I could tell she liked were one that Caitlin only just qualified for (otherwise she would be too tall!)- one that is basically a train of cars that looped around a very minor coaster-like track; and the monorail, which looped outside/outdoors; allowing us to confirm that it did indeed rain.

This visit however, we did also bring Caleb along. But he had only just hung with HM and Grandma and Grandpa; only Caitlin and I went to the theme park. HM’s justification would be that it would be too expensive for so many people to go; but it really because she wants to enjoy the buffet at the cafe :) Besides, someone had to watch over Caleb anyway, who incidentally was apparently sleeping the whole time the adults were munching away at the food!

Thinking this was still something of a waste of school holidays, Sunday afternoon, even if it was really just a simple dinner and the stroll to get some Burger King (!) takeaway for HM, I still brought Caitlin out to The Gardens, as a small treat. We shared a meatball spaghetti thingy from Italiannies :) Since she again didn’t nap in the afternoon, I was quite happy that she knocked off between 9:30 to 10pm last night, all ready for school

So then, back to topic.

Therefore, this morning as you can imagine, it was all moans and groans. Having been one myself oh-s0-many decades ago, I sympathised with her and sat with her for a while, watching her stretch, rub her eyes, complain.

I don’t wanna go to schooooooooooool….

I want Daddee to stay with meeeee……

I don’t wanna go to schooooooooooool…..

This was going on all the way to just before the front of her school. Being slightly behind schedule due to traffic (after all everyone’s going back to school too), I opted to drop her off at school first instead of Caleb at Grandma’s first.

Opened the door for her, helped her with her backpack, knelt down to her level. got my usual kiss, gave her mine, and soon she was trotting off to school again, pony-tail swinging side to side. The usual sight.

I hope her spirit is indeed revived, as I promised her it will when she sees her schoolfriends again this morning.

This is/was the circus that's playing now