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Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friends!


I don’t know how often I’d be reading, checking comments, or posting, but rest assured it’s likely due to being busy catching up with relatives, cards :) and eating!

Spotted this blog post / photo and agreed whole-heartedly with the comment….

That of all the heaps of congratulations our new president will get today, as a father, nothing will probably mean more to him than this.

Good job Obama!

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A short update post.

Don’t mean to gross you out; and it’s not as yuck as it looks..

These were taken by Caitlin herself with my phone. Don’t know what prompted her to, likely cos she was just toying with the camera than intending to photo-document it.

Still, it will effectively be what they are.

She has been very good about it, really looking after the site ensuring no harm come to it, not breaking the blister.

The blisters themselves are a little smaller now, making the sac sag, making the fluid inside swish around!

The white bits are actually the SSD cream.

On the first night when talking to Dr Pixie, she was suggesting getting Caitlin some panadol due the the pain. I have been positively-reinforcing her that she’s been “a brave girl”, because other than the immediate hours she’s been very good about, didn’t need any painkillers.

Update: Saturday afternoon, Jan 10

Caitlin is actually due for her MMR shot between now and 6 years old. So we brought her to see Dr Pixie; to also let her have a look at the scald.

Like most other people who first saw it, I am sure her heart sank too. Everyone I spoke to about the incident never knew how bad it was.

Anyway she said to leave it alone, don’t rupture the sac, and don’t need to apply the SSD anymore.


The sac ruptures. At which time we should start applying SSD again at the puncture site, since SSD itself has antiseptic agents in it. There is no need for the SSD on the dried areas though.

However, if the site does indeed get infected due to this puncture of the sac/skin; the signs include reddish fluid discharges, then we should administer fucisic acid, likely under the brand of Fucidin.

Because Caitlin could still wait a little longer for her MMR shot, Dr Pixie thought to spare her another trauma of an innoculation (INJECTION!!)

So, We came home. And wouldnt you know it, the sac ruptured!

I don’t think it was intentional, from being itchy fingered or accidental bumps. It was likely that the swishing was too much and the skin (was thinning?) couldn’t hold much longer.

It doesn’t look so gross now, but it also means we gotta watch out ensuring the site is kept clean, now that there is a puncture exposing bare skin.