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‘Tis the silly season again. Frantic people cracking their heads over what to buy who which… Local shopping malls would be jam packed with shoppers; it also helps, of course, that in Malaysia we are already having sales on, making shopping for gifts a lot easier on the wallet…

[ Shot of Midvalley shopping centre ]

Caitlin and I felt the full implications when we were in Adelaide a fortnight ago. The malls were packed with people, the shops were packed with people, the retailers were packed with people.

[ Shot of the outside of David Jones city centre ]

Well, I felt the full impact when we arrived at the toys section of Myers. It was packed with kids! You may call it a mistake, but I did want to see what was on offer, if anything. But the full impact? It wasn’t that there was anything significant on sale. There were dinosaur toys, baby toys, some books (not enough of, actually) and the quintessential electronics for kids.

She just wouldn’t leave.

Granted it was meant to be a relaxing play-by-ear no-agenda holiday; this Daddee was just willing to show her the sights and sounds, and whatever she wanted to see… But still.

Retailers are clever. They put out the hands-on hot toys for Christmas for the kids to try, and for Daddy’s like me to be stuck with waiting for them to finish- yeah, I agree: As if they would!

I think I spent over an hour standing on the same spot that whole time, watching my little girl push Thomas and his friends along the tracks, round and round the table.

It was fun at first, very cute of the kids (yes plural, and at least they were sharing) to be playing like this. Then, I got bored and was wearing out both knees after shifting my weight left and right.

Parents: My lesson here is, in this age of internet and online shopping, shop online!

So I searched and came across this toy guide site.

Because it is set out like a blog site, it is clean and easy on the eyes. No gawdy bright colours to greet you and send you clicking away.

Listed by types of toys, brands, and age group, the whole online shopping experience is made a lot easier- you are in control of where you wanna go and be and not get lost.

But because it is also a blog, there are posts and articles describing select toys, accompanied by clean photos, making the whole experience on the site more informative and enjoyable. Readers can and do submit their comments on these posts / items too, adding credibility to the descriptions on the items on sale.

All from the comforts of whatever you are sitting on now, in whatever you are wearing now, on the blogosphere that you are already down with (that)!


So what would Daddee like for Christmas?

He’s already got it- an iPhone 3G.

He was researching toys and found this toys blogsite. How else would he have stood in the same spot for over an hour? :)

Clips and memories from recent events… :)

6 teeth!

As you know, it’s regulations in Australia to have your child seated in a proper car seat while in the car.

So since my friends in Adelaide either don’t have a spare one to loan me, or that their kids are already grown, I had to bring my own on this trip (I also had to bring Caitlin’s child toilet seat too, but that’s another story!)

Going there was ok. After all we checked in at KL Sentral where there was a rather menacing looking guy offering a plastic-wrapping service for your luggage: RM10 for “large” bags. It’s not regulations to have your luggage wrapped; as I was explaining to the passenger in front of me at the check in queue. it’s really only a matter of preference. Plus, it makes it harder for would-be thieves to break into your luggage. With the plastic wrap I also thought it would give the seat some level of protection.

It was on the way back that got me. Adelaide airport; and dare i say most Australian airports, do not have this service available. So I checked it in “naked”.

After arrival, my fears were confirmed when I saw it come around the carousel in a tray. From a distance I could see black where there shouldn’t be, and white where there also shouldn’t be.

So, I picked up the pieces, literally, and got our belongings onto the trolley to board the express train. Generally, damaged baggage ought to be reported on the spot. However, there is actually a 7 day window where you can still lodge your report. Not wanting to hang around the airport too long with a hungry toddler, I decided to lodge the report at another time.

I did make sure that I had proof of the damage though, so I took this, and a few more shots of the damage, whilst on the express train.

Broken seat

Before this post, I had already sent the photos plus a note to the relevant authorities, as my official report of baggage damage.