Daddee Yah!

A working Daddee learning to cope in a big big world

I had actually wanted to put this in the Random Quotes section of this blog (there, on the right), but thought it to be too significant.

I don’t know if she learnt it from school, or from Sesame Street’s podcast’s – this particular episode, but somewhere along the line Caitlin’s grasped the concept of family.

It’s a short work week this week. In fact, Caitlin’s school is closed this week as most of the parents had wanted it so, so that their family could get away and be with loved ones during this festivity.

Last night as I was putting her to bed, I was apologising for not being able to bring her shopping during the day as I had implied earlier in the day (she loves to walk about in shopping centres). I had suggested that perhaps Grandma can bring her along during the following days of supermarket-shopping; since starting school she’s not been able to tag along on these trips as her grandparents do these rounds in the morning, and picks her up from school afterwards.

Yay, she exclaimed.

Then I mentioned that Wednesday and Thursday are public holidays for all, and maybe then we could go out and do something.

“Mummee too?” she asked.

“Yes Mummee too..”

“YAY! Then Daddee, Mummee, Di-di (Mandarin for younger brother) and Caitlin can go out as my family !!

Wooo… this Daddee thought….

She understands the concept. She appreciates the opportunity. She looks forward to the outing as a family unit.

It’s just great!

While I know schools here resumes on Jan 5 2009, and that Caitlin’s school year ends on Oct 25 2008 (I think!), I don’t know when her school term starts in 2009; I have a feeling they don’t have to follow the older kids’ school terms….

Even assuming that her school term does start along with the rest of the country: What can we do to keep her busy in those 2 months??

Of course, we will get her to revise / revisit her 2008’s school work and books, to keep them fresh in her head. But what new content should we consider for that time off school? And what about her daily routine, since it’s suddenly so free-for-all again? She can’t quite revert back to those of before-school, since daily routines starting this year includes her little brother, effectively changing a lot of things / creating extra preparations / stuff to pack into the car boot.

And let’s not forget Hot Mummee and Daddee; no, Daddee and Hot Mummee (cos I am not) are also still working fulltime..

I still have quite a few annual leave left for 2008; I could take days off (which I have already started planning) and chill with her. Or I could utilise the staff privilege and fly off somewhere- but where, what with our exchange rate the way it is?

Any ideas?

After this event Wyluxx, his 16 yr old daughter and I went for a proper dinner (proper meaning we didn’t really have a meal before the event). This was in a typical-ish Chinese restaurant in a shoplot; you know, opened front no doors, siew chow joint. This was still on the foothills of Genting.

Upon reaching an empty table Wyluxx gestured for his daughter not to sit where she was about to, but to sit “over there”- another part of the table. She asked why, he said “You’rewearingaskirt..” She looked around, and spotted (“oh..”) the table of probably-blue-collared mid-aged men, sipping their tea with empty plates of whatever they had had. They eyed without staring.

I don’t think my niece as naive, but maybe just not as alert as she should be.

I used to be like this with my dates. Not so much telling her where to sit, but as a precaution I know where things and people are, who among these was looking and / or eyeing; just in case (there’s that reference to Jason Bourne again). Some dates knew where to sit, others knew where to sit also!

Not that Caitlin is already of that age (then again there are those who do like this age), but I would have to be on this similar alert too; as part of the street smarts that I would like my kids to be.