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So he’s coming up to 6 months old already. He can prop himself up temporarily and hold his head up, looking for whatever caught his eye earlier, or looking for something to look at.

He’s only been able to roll from his back to his front.

Or so we thought.

Last Friday night, at 7pm, we were in a rush to pack our stuff readying for a dinner appointment and the weekend away at my parents’. We left Caleb in the middle of the double bed in our spare bedroom, as usual, surrounding him with pillows to “box” him in. This was done many times before, when we need to change him and while fetching the talcum powder, new diapers, etc.

Caitlin was also “busy”, walking around acting like she was also looking for stuff to pack. In our haste, we left Caleb in the room whilst we walked out to put/fetch more things, in different directions.

I am usually conscious of where people (and most things) are in the apartment at most times. It’s just my secret wish to be like Jason Bourne- to be aware of potential hazards now that we have potentially hazardous-to-self kids. So I knew where Caitlin kinda was, and I also knew Caleb was on the bed.

But I didn’t prepare for nor think about his growing abilities.

Just as I paced outside the bedroom door either with something in my hand or looking for something else, I heard a thud. I already knew what it was- there was no one else in there but Caleb.

As I almost-ran already expecting to find Caleb on the floor, he was already on his back, looking up looking very stunned, and started bawling one of the loudest bawls. I knew the thud was his left hand hitting an empty cardboard box beside the bed. Slowly swiftly I picked him up, knowing the “damage” was his head but checked his left hand first for abrasions / paper cuts. Nothing. Then I gently touched his head and the swelling had started, which quickly later became a ring-bruise.

I can only imagine that he somehow rolled on top of the pillow, and rolled off the edge of the knee-height bed face first, and turned on the way down to land on his back / the back of his head, hitting his hand on the box, ending up the way I found him.

As soon as Caitlin found out, she quickly realised the extent of the accident, and started exclaiming “Why did baby fall down why did baby fall down!?” with each sentence the tears welling in her eyes. I was walking around as I comforted Caleb. Caitlin was following me around making these exclamations, demanding answers to how her little brother got hurt, herself crying quite badly at the end.

Caleb cried for a long time. Even though he was conscious and fidgeting during the cry / from the fright, I was still very scared. Even though it wasn’t a concussion (at least I thought at the time) I had heard of internal damage from such a fall.

I started watching him for signs of nausea. I had heard this was what to look out for. After quickly speaking to Dr Pixie, she sternly corrected me that nausea would already be too late. Instead, we should watch to see if he behaves out of the ordinary: If he’s too noisy, too quiet, too fidgety, too calm; anything that’s not his usual behaviour.

That’s what we did in the following hours. And somewhat gladly, he behaved predictably, albeit slightly teary from the presumably sore bump.

For peace of mind, we visited Dr Pixie the following morning. He was his usual self- responding to my tongue-clucking, looking around at his surroundings wherever he went. Since it was already over 12 hours since the fall, and going by his body language, Dr Pixie gave her assurance that he’s fine.

Dr Pixie then followed up with a call. Since he had hit the back of his head where the brain processes visual signals, asked that we do an eye test on Caleb, by alternately covering his eyes and getting him to track a movement (eg, moving the finger).

He was able to.

Did I feel like shit? Yes.

Did I “fail” in ensuring safety for my kids, even a simple one like this? Yes.

Could I have acted differently? Yes. I could have called Hot Mummee, and Dr Pixie a lot earlier, to learn what to look out for.

We were lucky. Very lucky.


  1. Poor Daddee, poor baby. Glad all is OK now.

    You’re not the first and you won’t be the last to have this type of accident. I could bore you all day with similar examples for my girls but I won’t. Take it easy, and remember that the only parents who won’t ever have this happen to them are the ones who haven’t had kids yet!

    hissychicks last blog post..At one

  2. Lia
    9:29 PM on July 1st, 2008

    awww hun HUGS

    as hissychick said, it’s not going to be the first time this will happen.Still doesnt help you I know, I remember the boys all falling off beds at one stage or another. I have to admit, I got less worried as each kid came along. Sometimes the thud sounds worse than it is.

    Kids are strangely resilent and their parents nerves would be shot to hell by the end of it all :D

    HUGS HUGS glad he’s ok though. Enjoy your weekend dear :)

    Lias last blog post..Hmmm…

  3. Daddee
    10:21 AM on July 2nd, 2008

    Thanks Hissychick, Lia,

    Caitlin had a fall (off the bed) too when she was around or just after 1 yr old.

    While her’s was a lot more dramatic, involving a forward slow-motion somersault from a higher bed, crashing into a drawer chest, the flooring of that room was still carpet, softening her landing (actually the chest broke her somersault!).. then again, that fall could also have easily snapped her neck….

    But it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow, nor should there be any excuse on anyone’s part. We failed to ensure Caleb’s own safety. Period.


    Last night at Grandma’s, after telling her of the weekend incident, they “experimented” with Caleb on their queen size bed. He is now quite able to roll, and if he gets it right with the first roll, he can actually maintain a momentum and continue on for a THIRD roll-over…

    I think we’ll be looking for a bed for Caleb’s own use very soon, or that we’d be getting a new bed for Caitlin, and Caleb taking over this cot-bed convertible contraption.

  4. Ann
    2:40 PM on July 2nd, 2008

    Ooohh….I remember the first time that happened for me too.

    I have since learnt never to ttake tings for granted.
    But I have also learnt that kids are alot more resilient that we think them to be!

    I am glad he is alright and that you are alright too! Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us!

  5. I’ll never forget the time Scout, who I believe was just two at the time, followed one of my mother’s cats onto the rock wall above her flagstone steps and driveway. We were in and out of the house trying to pack the van for a long weekend/road trip. There was an evergreen on the lawn near the wall and one of the branches put him off balance enough to push him off the wall onto the rough stone steps below. He had an egg on his forehead for quite a while. I was petrified of letting him sleep (it was nap time and of course being in the van puts him to sleep faster than anything). I still think of all the shoulda’/coulda’/woulda’s and wish I could have a do-over.

    Long story short, it happens to the best of us.

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  7. Rolling over 3 times!! Wow, you’ll need to get him a big cot!

    Glad to see Caitlin so concern for her baby bro.

    It is amazing how quickly kids recover. Max is almost 100% ok from his nasty fall last Sunday. Just a little mark on his lower lip, that’s all.

    Moomykins last blog post..Poor Baby

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  11. shaike49
    1:03 AM on January 5th, 2009

    My 9 months old fell off the bed onto a tiled floor. Our boy was sleeping on the bed and as usual we had a fortress of big pillows around him. We heard him cry and thought he had woken up…when my wife went to the room, our boy was on the floor on his stomach next to a pillow…took sometime to calm him down. When he was calm i checked him for any bumps or bruises…there was none except red marks on his nose and upper lip. My wife was absolutely beating herself up over it and wanted to bring him to hospital…i prefer to observe him first.

    After an hour or so…he was his usual self. Looking back at it, the pillow must have broken his fall but his face still hit the floor, thus causing the red marks on his nose.

    I’ve learnt that accidents happens, no matter how protective you are.

  12. Lasha
    5:11 PM on March 19th, 2009

    My 9mo girl fell off the bed for the 3rd time today! I’m absolutely ashamed and can’t believe it happened despite the fact that I promised us it would never happen again. She loves to come on my bed in the morning and is always reaching for a yellow bag hanging by the rail. This time, I was right there, pulling the blinds and thought, ‘i’ll just pull the blinds – takes a second’ and then, THUD! this time, she landed on her head!!!

    She cried and cried while I was holding down and then calmed down. I rubbed all over her head just to check and she started laughing cos she’s ticklish around her ears. She was playing within 5 minutes but I can’t stop thinking about it and praying to God to forgive me for being so careless and to keep her well! I’ve been worried sick cos I’m at work and she’s with her nan and that’s why I’m googling ‘baby fall from bed’!

    She does seem fine, but it’s happened too many times. Her twin sister has never fallen off the bed. She’s not as nosey!

    This will never ever happen again. I promise. This time will be the last.


  13. Daddee
    10:51 PM on March 19th, 2009

    Hi Lasha,

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

    The advice we were given, as was the same one that was given to my brother when his daughter (my niece) fell: Just watch them over a 24 hour period, for any signs of unusualness. Waiting to see if they are nauseas I guess would already be too late! But that’s the general advice.

    My niece is now going to Uni already, so I guess things are ok!

    Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you again!

  14. Arthur
    12:31 AM on July 29th, 2010

    My 9-month daughter just fell off from the knee-high bed this morning. Checked around her head, didn’t find any bump. She cried for a minute after we picked her up, then she started to act normal again. But I am still worry and don’t know if some other symptom will appear later. That’s why I googled “baby fell off the bed.” I will take your advise for observation and talk to my doctor as well.

    Thank you for having this place for sharing the experience!

  15. My baby fell also :(

  16. I turned for a split second and my son fell. I will keep an eye on him.