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I subscribe to BBC’s Global News podcasts. Since the China earthquake they have been covering it in every podcast episode.

The latest episode (Global News 21 May AM edition) had a reporter covering the orphaned kids, reporting from a makeshift middle school, of only tents.

One account was on a couple of kids. Both are too young to really understand what happened, with the older one still waiting for their parents to come pick them up. Their grandfather says he’s over 60 years old now, admits he cannot care for them, has to rely on the govt, and worries about their future.

Another account is on a 14 year old boy who does know what’s going on. He was only recently reunited with his younger 8 year old sister. He wants to stay with his aunt and uncle, “but if they don’t want us, we will go.”

Dr Pixie is looking to go there to give any assistance she can. But I understand that she is unable to obtain a Chinese visa. At the moment she and another Dr are looking for ways they can go.

If anyone can help with “pulling strings” with Chinese visa, please let me know.

Currently it’s Bee Movie. She won’t have it any other way. Not Playhouse Disney channel (with a myriad of shows like Bananas in Pj’s, Thomas and Friends, Pocoyo), not past faves like Bear in the Big Blue House or Little Einsteins on VCD’s.

Anytime we walk through the door, it’s Bee Movie. Wanna watch what’s on tv now? No, I want Bee Movie.

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“I good of colouring already..”

Did you know that “k” is for kettle?
I wonder what “L” will stand for?

Caleb the Daddee-bully, takes forever drinking his milk. He’d start off all keen; naturally cos he’s hungry, then at about 3oz left (we give him 6oz at the moment), he’d start showing less interest and start being distracted.

By distracted, for a 4 month old kid, is: Stop sucking, looking around, turning his head allowing me to poke his cheek with the bottle-teat, smacking the bottle silly. It’s really frustrating ‘cos the milk may be wasted, he’s not full, will wake sooner than later for the next feed.

So, the bluff-the-little-children trick then, according to Hot Mummee, is to distract the distracted.

  • Put him on his back
  • Remove the hankie from around his neck
  • Put away the bottle.
  • Start talking / singing to him. The little fella does seem to exhibit traits of a conversationalist, if I can even start using this term on a 4month old. He responds very well when he’s spoken to; get all excited limbs-waving and even mutters “words” an infact can muster.
  • Sometimes I’d also use a rattle toy to get his attention. This toy is a transparent giraffe with tiny balls inside. He seems fascinated by the ball rolling around inside.

Then, secretly and discretely, do the above in reverse.

And voila! I have fooled the little man back into sucking! Usually with the help of the oh-so-captivating rolling balls.

I sound like I am taking revenge on being bullied by Caleb. In a lot of ways, I AM! Muuaaahahahahahaha!


I wanna post something, but I don’t seem to have anything on my mind to share at the moment….

So, here’s an image, or two, to share, instead.

Taken only just now. The room was dimly lit, naturally. Set the camera to very slow shutter speed; 10 sec shutter speed in fact. Set the camera on the bed and put on the timer and let it snap by itself.

I took a few, but I think the pillow was inflating / deflating slowly while the shutter was opened, effectively blurring my shots. Either that, or that the kids’ breathing-movement was a factor…



Little man Caleb has been sleeping on his front the whole of his life…. But he should be waking soon, it’s nearing his milkies time…