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Yo-check it, Adults! I am starting to hold my head up I am starting to hold my head up!

I can also do this already! Yo man I am so clever now! Heh heh! I overhead Major-Adult-2 saying something about the “skydiving position”… What’s position?

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I can’t remember when the word “school” was introduced to Caitlin. But she got the concept pretty early: School is a place where children congregate for some joint activities. They also wear uniforms….

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I have been advocating to new-parent friends to invest in a good camera to snap away at their kids. In fact, as a digression my older brother was recently bitten by the photography bug, and invested in a high end camera. He now regrets not getting into it earlier ‘cos the shots he’s now able to take are so much better in terms of quality..

So anyway…..

Just like in the horror movies: The main character is a photographer, and while reviewing the photos he’s taken, comes across some weird aberrations which later turns out to be something supernaturally sinister… (a la the Thai film “The Shutter”)

Okay I dramatise!

Somewhere in between the shots of my kids, during transitions of their expressions, I have inadvertently captured what I personally believe are glimpses of what Caitlin may look like as an adult….. I know it sounds weird, but to Daddee who sees the kids everyday, these expressions are quite different from their everyday look, and it fascinates me!

They don’t look like she is just 3 years old!

Okay these ones are just goofy pictures of Caleb!

PS: I just realised that they are both wearing the same shirt! From the link above (with pics of baby Caitlin) and the ones of Caleb! Haha!

And also to brighten your day!


As you know the whole family is down with the flu, and there was no sparing Daddee either.

Daddee had to take Thursday and Friday off work; the sickness was aggravated by a general lack of sleep anyway, due to Caleb’s overnight feeding and Daddee’s inability to manage his time yet (ie, sleep early!)

This will be a short post; suffice to say that we also did have to use a “nose sucker” thingy, like Ann had. Also discovered that Caitlin can be quite cooperative when the paracetamol is strawberry tasting!

I am off to blow my brains out again, through my nose. That is, if I don’t blow out my eardrums before that.

I didn’t start something like this with Caitlin. So I have actually forgotten when she achieved the following milestones:

  • Sleep through the night
  • When she understood our “cue” to pee; we used to pull down her pants and make “shhhhh shhhh” noise to get her to pee, to reduce the risk of her wetting herself;
  • Toilet trained;

etc etc.. I do have a video clip of her first steps though, but I gotta dig up that clip itself buried in my home movies collection to work out her age from the date of footage…

So here, I am gonna start with Caleb. Since the little man is still under 2 months old, this makes this exercise a lot easier from the start.

This is obviously not going to be anything medical, nor supported / contradicted by any pediatric expertise. He may be more advanced / slower than average: It’s just a record on him. I will also be putting these under a new blog category of Infant Developement.


Turning his head
When he was at around 2+ weeks, I came home one day from work and went to check on him. He was sleeping on his front, head to one side. Later I came to check on him again, his head was facing the other way!

I am aware of SIDS, but not enough to know how to be safe about it. That’s why I went to check the 2nd time, ‘cos I have always thought letting baby sleep on his front was a risk. I also later spoke to my mum about this, and she was sharing that kids have an inbuilt survival instinct that, as long as there are no “foreign” objects around to potentially smother him, babies can find a way to (continue) breathing.

I guess from the age of around 4+ weeks he was already able to eye-track movements. Not quite as smooth as a continuous scan, but even at left-middle-right-middle (when Daddee was swaying like a silly Humpty Dumpty doll) I thought it was something worth noting; given that my understanding of infants is that they can’t focus their eyes till they are much older… like at 3 months?

“Verbally” responding
If it were just one opinion it may not be considered as accurate. But given that the other ladies are also saying the same thing, then I guess we can’t all be wrong.

At “idle” times (ie, not like-pulling-my-nasal-hair cry-scream crying sessions) when we are making typical baby noises at him, Caleb actually does seem to respond with a different-toned “oowwww oww ow wow”…. Maybe like older sister Caitlin this one is also a vocal one.

Hmm, it’s just occurred to me that, if that last point was true, I am going to be overwhelmed by a family of outspoken people who will also always out-talk me… Hope Mummee doesn’t read this.