Caleb is here! Caleb is here!

So I was busy trying to debug the very-simple coding of a promised follow-up post about what else Caitlin got for Christmas.. for some reason the pictures didn’t lay out the way I want them, the text was running, the spacing was all off, the….

Hey Caleb is here!


Weighing in at 3.445kg, or 7.6lbs, he was surprisingly smaller than we had thought, considering how big Mummee’s tummy was even at month 7.

Labor was also not as bad as we had feared- when Caitlin was born, Mummee was in labor for something like 10 hours with very strong contractions at hour 2. This time, again requiring inducing, we only waited something like 2 hours before our little man was all ready to greet us

Mummee and baby are doing well!

Looks like the debugging of that, and this page, have to wait a while ;)

12 Responses to Caleb is here! Caleb is here!

  1. This is immensely exciting news – congratulations to you both!!!

  2. ohhhh…he is so adorable!! Congratulations!

    More pics soon ya!

    So all of you are in Sydney now? How is Caitlin doing?

  3. Congrats!!

    Heard from Mike the other day while he was MSN-ing you, or something like that.

    And I said Caleb is a lovely name. That was the name I would have chosen for my son too, if Mike had not insisted that our kids all have their names start with “M”. ;)

    Hooray!! … Just be prepared for all kinds of storms with 2 kids in the house!!

  4. Thanks all for your well wishes!

    This time around I have invested more effort in taking photos of my child’s early / first few days- thanks to a more versatile and advanced camera, compared to when Caitlin was born. Especially grateful for the continuous shot mode where I can at least pick the best of the lot while browsing later on.

    I don’t have enough of Caitlin’s early photos to compare, but I do recall there being one (ie I haven’t dug it out yet) that Caleb now resembles a lot… I guess they are siblings after all.

    Caitlin is in KL at the moment with my parents; we’ve only just managed to get the webcam to work this evening, and much much to her delight! She likes babies, what more now one of her own! She couldn’t bare to log off!

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  6. Congratulations to the entire family and I am happy to hear that things went well.

    Sorry for being so late to the party but I am very happy for you and the family!

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  9. Congratulations! I also have a new baby girl coming next month and can’t wait. My son came after I had been working late at night and just went to bed as soon as my wife’s water broke. You never know when they’ll choose to come.

  10. That is very true. I’ll never forget our first when we went in for a regular doctor visit and they told us to go home and get our things and come back as we were having the baby that day.

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