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Traditionally & culturally, my family does not celebrate Christmas.

But that of course did not stop us from wanting to get Caitlin a present.

This Christmas was the first time I played Santa as a father- I didn’t really know how to go about it. And since becoming parents, we have always wanted to get our kids toys / gifts that are at least educational & fun; such as books, puzzles, them touchy-feely books things that play music & spells, etc. So, I wanted to get her something that I hoped she liked, but at the same time isn’t something of a waste of time. So I wasn’t going to go full on with the wrapping & surprising her..

So we went shopping at Midvalley’s The Gardens, to at-the-same-time visit a pal of mine who co-owns the shop / business.

ActionCity store front

Granted, Wind’s business & market is not targeted at toddlers, but I did see a few things that I thought would still satisfy the above requirements for a gift for Caitlin.

You are probably wondering what that picture of the duck above is all about- it’s what I got Caitlin.


Hee hee!

I gotta say however, that after we got home, I wasn’t too pleased with just getting her something this little for Christmas…

So stay tuned for what else lucky little Caitlin got from Daddee! ;)

Greetings from Melbourne!
I am here for a few days, will be back in Kuala Lumpur later in the week. This means I going to be suffering from little-internet-connectivity withdrawal symptoms in these few days… Promise I will try & remain focused & sane, and to remember that there is still a physical world out there…. however, since this friend has an XBox 360 with a kickass game called Call of Duty 4, which he’s just given me a quick demo of (& also how to set the gear up) I think will be okay…

I am also using someone else’s laptop & net access, so I don’t have the gear to hook up my camera for uploading. This post will be another yawn-boriing text block only …


Since writing the last post about an old wives tale about kids, I got thinking about how different cultures in the world have varying opinions & tales on the universal “mission” of raising children.

So, why don’t we share these opinions & tales here?

Not that I have that many readers, but let’s aim for a list of 10 old wives tales on parenting / children that work / is true. This will be good for all parents of children of all ages, a headstart so to speak, something that I know I would have appreciated when I first became a parent. Of course the list can go beyond 10- the longer the better! But it has to be something that is true, or at least has worked for you.

I will cheat and start off with one recent example.

  1. Too much playing or elevated activities before bed can lead to restless sleep & bad dreams. Not sure when this “expires”- meaning, I don’t suffer from it now, so when does this become not-applicable anymore?
  2. Our obst Dr says that while walking makes good exercise during (later parts of) pregnant, & that it may actually make the delivery easier when it’s time; the walking itself is actually not good for the uterus. I don’t know the details, but it has something to do with the uterus being “loosened” from the even seemingly mild exercises, that very much later in life, the uterus may actually collapse.

    I haven’t checked this out or researched this further, but I guess given his profession & specialty in this, he should know what he is talking about.

  3. ??